When to Let Go of a Long Distance Relationship

When to let go of a long distance relationship? This is probably the trickiest question that will ever occur to you if you are in a long distance relationship. Nobody would want to leave their partner but what about the practicality.

Feeling confused? Come, let’s discover the facts with us.

10 Signs You Need to Let Go of a Long Distance Relationship

Every relationship no matter whether you are far away from each other or living together has its own symbols and aspects. If you are feeling skeptical lately, then you need to sit for a while and think about these signs carefully. Here are the 10 signs that are going to tell that when to let go of a long distance relationship.

1. The Time Zones Have Taken A Toll on You Two

One of the most common issues in an LDR is the different time zones. You know when to give up on a long distance relationship especially when you two are not able to manage this time difference at all. This can also take a toll on your health too.

Imagine, waking up on alarms in the middle of the night just so you can talk to them. It can be really struggling and suffocating at times because you two are in completely different time zones.

The result is then visible in the crumbling relationship you two start to share. Getting irritated in little things and being sleep deprived all the time is not worth a relationship at all. I hope, this is going to clear things a bit for you that when to let go of a long distance relationship and turn single again.

2. You Have Lost the Intimacy

You just cannot think about physical intimacy when you are in a long distance relationship. But what about the emotional intimacy then?

You know when to let go of a long distance relationship while you are entirely dreaded from the intimate moments between a couple. It is all about the small and long talks which make no sense but keeps both of you happy and smiling.

If your relationship is missing the essence of love and lust together, then it is not a relationship anymore. You are just keeping a promise you made to someone. You are young and at the peak of your life, living an entirely miserable life can take a toll on your future too.

Think wisely and give this relationship time only when it is worth giving.

3. You are Finding It Difficult to Communicate

People say Communication Is the Key of a Relationship and there is no doubt about it either. However, the different time zones, the hectic life, and the busy schedule can forbid you from having a conversation with someone you really love.

If you are still wondering when to let go of a long distance relationships you are probably overthinking about it.

It is not wrong either to think about someone you have feelings for. But how would you be a part of someone’s life if you two have no communication for days? Things can go even worse with time due to the frustration, and it results in losing respect for each other too.

So, rather than ending things on the wrong terms, sort this out mutually. There is no relationship which can sustain happily without proper communication.

4. You are Missing Out on a Lot of Things

A pervasive long distance relationship problem is the time-bound schedule of two people. They have to manage things so they can talk to each other because of the different time zones.

For example, imagine there is a party you have to attend, but this is the time your partner finally gets free. You will have to miss the party if you want to talk to him/her. This is not a case of compulsion, but somewhere inside, you would surely want to talk to them.

It ruins your personal and social life to a great extent. And it is all for someone who is not even there by your side. Being a practical person, you need to understand when to let go of a long distance relationship especially when you are not able to live your life the way you should be.

5. Your Partner Isn’t Really Into It

You cannot last long in any relationship if things are working only one-sidedly. If you are the only one putting an effort to make things work, then there is no point of being in such a relationship at all.

Just for the sake of having a relationship, you cannot become a slave of time and someone else. It is easier to decide that when to let go of a long distance relationship when your partner is not making any efforts at all.

From managing time to small gestures, a long distance relationship is all about these little things in life. Of course, it is impossible to fill someone’s physical presence in life, but you must have the pillar of strengths to hold onto too.

If your partner always finds other things, social circles and parties more important than you, then you should better get out of such LDR.

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6. The Relationship has become more of an Obligation

Not all humans are selfish, and not all of them would want to end things just in a fraction of second. I understand your concern of thinking about their feelings and emotions. But what about you?

Being in a relationship just for its sake and just for fulfilling a promise is not a wise decision. You are not only lying to them, but you are lying to yourself as well. And someone who is not true to himself can never be happy.

There is literally no rocked science behind understanding when to let go of a long distance relationship. Especially when you can see all the signs clearly. Duties are for fulfilling, and relationships are for the living. Do not mix these two things together else you will make your life thousand times complicated.

7. Both of You have No Time to Meet

Yes, I know, you cannot think about meeting all the time when you are in a long distance relationship. Because that is the only rule, you need to follow in it.

This is also one of the most significant issues in a long distance relationship, and you cannot deny it either. But what about the heart? How you are going to make it understand that the person you love this much is living miles away and you cannot meet him/her at all.

If you haven’t met them in years or months, then things are inevitably more complicated between you two than it seems. So, rather than living a delusional life, understand that when to let go of a long distance relationship and be proud of your decision.

8. You Haven’t Smiled in a While

There is no doubt about the fact that you cannot focus on other things when your love life is tearing apart in pieces. You become more miserable when you have no control over such things. But at least you can control your own life, and you must use this authority wisely.

You must not think further when to let go of a long distance relationship when you haven’t smiled in a while.

Days have passed, and you haven’t found a single reason to be happy and cheerful. In fact, a ruined and frustrating long-distance relationship starts affecting the things you have by your side. I am sure, you will never want to lose your friends at this time.

So, rather than crying and overthinking pointlessly, gather your courage and end things on a happy note.

9. Everything is Turning into an Emotional Baggage

People try to hold on to some relationships because there was a time when things were not this difficult. However, a strong past cannot promise a happier future.

The modern life is all about uncertainty especially when it comes to the relationships factors. If a relationship is nothing but emotional baggage for you two, then you know what you need to do next.

Rather than relying on the imagination that everything will get better with time, you need to rely on facts. This will help you to understand that when to let go of a long distance relationship when you behave practically.

Always remember, you are not into a relationship for crying, you are in it for smiling and laughing like never before.

10. You Have Started to Like Someone Else Around You

Starting a long distance relationship is really simple but maintaining it is just impossible especially in this modern world. It is nearly impossible to stay in love with someone who is far away from you. You might actually incline towards someone you see every single day, and it is completely natural too.

If you have started to like someone else around you despite being in an LDR, then you must end it. If you were actually in true love with your long distance partner, you would not have fallen for someone else later.

The human heart is tender and easily gets attracted to people. But instead of living in a delusion you must take decisions practically, If you have started to like someone, you probably know when to let go of a long distance relationship.

Final Words

Of course, it is going to break your heart to finish a relationship, but there is no point of having one when you are not at all happy in it.

These little things given above are enough to remind you that when to let go of a long distance relationship. By doing so, you are not doing anything wrong but surely making things sorted and better for both of you.

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