What is Sedentary Lifestyle: Things to Know

Over a period of time, people have started wondering what is sedentary lifestyle. Despite being one of its sufferers, they are not able to understand the symptoms and how it is taking a toll on their life.

Are you the one who has not been into no or very less amount of physical activities in the past few years? Well, it is the time to wake up because you can be the next victim of the sedentary lifestyle. And let me tell you, this lifestyle brings thousands of other issues and problems with it which usually go unnoticed.

9 Things to Know About Sedentary Lifestyle

This is nearly impossible to put together everything that I know about the matter of what is sedentary lifestyle in a single post. So, this section is going to be limited about the very basic information which is going to help you all to understand this world-wide problem from a closer scenario. Also, you will be able to understand that whether you are living one such lifestyle or not?

1. Exact Meaning of Sedentary Lifestyle

You would be shocked to know that how the people with the sedentary lifestyle are even surviving. When you wonder that what is sedentary lifestyle, the most common answer received in the absence of physical activities from one’s life. But in reality, it is way more than that.

These are the people who get so used to of just lying around, they start doing their regular activities by just sitting or lying. For example, it can be reading a book, having a meal, watching television, working, checking out the phone etc.

These habits start to crawl in day-to-day life and gradually the person becomes completely physically inactive. And apart from getting obese, there are tons of other problems which starts to taking place in his/her life.

The weakening of muscles and immune systems are the effects which strike earliest. If till this time, the lifestyle of a person is not changed then he can suffer from multiple health issues too (both physical as well as mental). Follow the article to know more about sedentary lifestyle and the severe effects of it on our day-to-day life.

2. How It Affects Your Mood and Mental Health

According to this report published in 2008, a test was conducted on 102 ethnic minority women and interestingly, walking and avoiding sedentary lifestyle improved their mood too. So, when we talk about the fact that what is sedentary lifestyle, apparently it is not related to our physical fitness only.

The magnitude at which the sedentary lifestyle affects the mental health of a person is actually quite shocking. I personally believe that things start from the questioning of self-esteem.

An obese body can give rise to self-doubt which finally results in severe depression and anxiety too. This report published in NCBI in 2016, Sedentary Lifestyle definitely affects the mental health of a person and that too severely. So, while someone is trying to get rid of the sedentary lifestyle, he/she must focus on their mental health improvement too.

Apparently, depression is not the only possible outcome of lacking physical activities in life. Various types of mental disorders can take their toll on a person’s life. And if not cured on time, can lead to major health issues too.

3. Sedentary Lifestyle and Technology

Anyone would agree with the fact that growing technology is a major reason behind increasing sedentary lifestyle of people. And unfortunately, we cannot even blame it much because no matter what it is making our lives simpler than ever.

The ultimate definition of what is sedentary lifestyle must be changed to physical inactivity caused by technology directly or indirectly. For example, the urge of watching one more episode or endlessly scrolling down the feed of your social media account is the reason, you do not move from your position.

Apart from that sedentary job is another major reason and the adverse effect of technology on our lives. Most of the corporate offices require you to sit for hours and submit reports, check excel sheet or mail the client. It simply leads you to live a sedentary life although you do not want it.

Taking timely breaks from your work or working while standing can be great options. But companies are yet to bring a major change in their system and till the time, it is difficult to change the sedentary culture.

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4. Major Cause of Obesity

According to Jessica Brichta a Research Associate and member of The Canadian Board of Canada, global obesity has been increased tremendously and sedentary lifestyle is a major cause behind it. The lack of physical activities and dietary habits leads to unbalanced BMI and finally obesity.

Instead of wondering what is sedentary lifestyle, people should better start improving their lifestyle and incorporate the adequate amount of physical activities in it.

However, it would not be fair to compare sedentary behavior with physical inactivity because most of the times, it is not a choice made by people. The modern demand for jobs and the work culture requiring you to sit or recline in front of a flashing screen is something you cannot escape from.

As a result, it leads to the build-up of excess fat on your body and if no changes are made in time, people tend to get overweight first and then obese. Doing household course are not even included in physical activity as they take only 3% of waking hours which is quite less than ideal.

5. Sedentary Lifestyle and Cardiovascular Disease

Every single adverse effect of sedentary lifestyle is inter-related with each other. Well, this is what curates the meaning for the query of what is sedentary lifestyle very well. The most common side-effects can be seen as high blood pressure, high cholesterol etc.

Connecting the cardiovascular diseases with obesity is common and a sedentary lifestyle leads to obesity, it is obvious that heart diseases are sure to occur.

According to 2013 Korea National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey data, sedentary lifestyle was one of the major reason for cardiovascular disease in Korean Adults. According to this report, it was seen that over a period of 45 years, the duration of sedentary hours was increased from 26 hours per week to 38 hours per week.

Comparing the men women ratio in sedentary jobs, men were most affected by this hence being exposed to the risk of even heart failure. The increased risk of morbidity not only gives rise to Cardiovascular disease but also strokes, obesity, heart failure, type-2 diabetes and more. Some of these aspects are discussed right below.

6. Gives Rise to Type 2 Diabetes

As you know it really well through the earlier points of this section of what is sedentary lifestyle that it leads to obesity. Now, you should know that obesity is the direct cause of Type 2 Diabetes.

According to this report of Frank B. Hu, Dept. of Nutrition, Harvard School of Public Health, Boston, Sedentary Lifestyle Gives Rise To The Risk Of Obesity And Type-2 Diabetes. One of the most common reasons leading to a sedentary lifestyle is the prolonged hours of watching television or other such devices.

The increasing trend of Netflix is also bringing its own issues too and obesity is definitely one of them. As it directly links to the early stages of type-2 diabetes, things can turn even uglier with the rise in the level of diabetes.

Once a person develops type 2 diabetes in his/her body, they also get exposed to issues like eye complications, heart diseases, kidney problems, skin issues and more. Prolonged sedentary lifestyle is the ultimate reason for sudden deaths too.

7. Is Exercise Enough?

I hope now you guys would have found it easier to answer what is sedentary lifestyle. But going by its definition and description, is just exercise enough to get active again? Well, for a start it is definitely enough but a person needs to do more than that to lead a healthier lifestyle.

Exercising on the alternate days of the week is kind of enough to initiate a process of a healthy lifestyle. But what about the fitness of your mental wellbeing? I don’t think that only exercise can cure it.

And this is why you need to learn that how to improve your lifestyle both inside out. Even with regular exercise, a long period being spent as sedentary work is considered physically inactive for the body. So, this requires a major change of lifestyle, not personally but professionally too.

It is important to improve the working environment to make the biggest change in the life of the employees. Timely intervals, recreational activities, gym area, stress releasing programs, standing workstations are some of the changes which can be incorporated. But most important out of all is the assurance provided to the employees that they always have someone to talk to.

8. Whether Our Children Safe?

We have talked about what is sedentary lifestyle but mostly in the context of the working class people. Mainly adults and people having sedentary jobs are considered to be the victims of this lifestyle. But what about our kids, are they safe enough?

Because of the competitive environment, schools have reduces to only bookish education. This clearly implies that kids are sitting throughout their time in school. Apart from it, the pressure of coaching and their inclination towards technology is making them more glued to their seats.

Indirectly, your kids are living a sedentary lifestyle and you do not even know about it. The constant glare at mobile screens and long sitting hours in school is making it even worse for them. This is why it would be difficult to say that our children are safe from leading a sedentary lifestyle.

In fact, the cases of child obesity are constantly increasing which is a matter of tension. Moreover, the sedentary lifestyle of parents also affects their kids as they tend to learn new things from their parents.

9. Can Cause Early Death

Finally, the most important thing that you need to know about the question of what is sedentary lifestyle is the fact that it Can Cause Early Death. According to This Article Published In Forbes sedentary lifestyle is the direct cause of early death rather than obesity itself.

The risk that physical inactivity incurs is quite huge and at some point of time life-taking too. In fact, changing your lifestyle from completely physically inactive to moderately active can reduce the risk of sudden or early deaths to quite some extent.

A person leading a life in which he is physically active for less than 150 minutes in a week is considered to be physically inactive and a victim of sedentary lifestyle.

The health risk factors included for the early deaths can be heart strokes, heart attack, high level of cholesterol and much more. Leading a sedentary lifestyle is being the prime cause of these health issues which is actually quite a challenge for humans right now.

Final Words

If you are keen on understanding that what is sedentary lifestyle then you should keep on following our posts. We are yet to come up with a lot of information on it like its effects, symptoms and more. Moreover, if you still have not taken a strong action to change your lifestyle, then you must do something about it. Because Sedentary Lifestyle Can Even Kill You!