SOS Célib: help, I do not know how to flirt!

If your last experience of celibacy dates back to the 90s, you probably wore high-waisted jeans and a neon-pink lipstick to match your hair darling to match your sneakers. Well, let’s go beyond the vision of horror-fashion that jumps our eyes and replant the scenery: student parties, dance music not great but the essential was elsewhere: the drag!

A young attractive woman sitting alone in a bar with a drink

To meet people at this “time” (it’s old, but never mind, I’m assuming!) Seemed easy. We, going out in groups of college girlfriends, they in the band of guys from the college, an apartment archibonde of students crazy, a sound system and the conversations went well even if it was screaming to talk to each other. Between two glasses, we redid the world, we exchanged our points of view (forgotten a few minutes later) but we had the impression to make a little acquaintance before ending up in the bed of the guy from the sociology lecture hall with his wick , his leather and his dark eyes (or glassy, ​​finally in the light of day!).
2014: everything changed, we lost the thread of seduction, yet we thought we were quiet or rather it slammed between our fingers without seeing anything coming (like what, nothing is ever acquired) and here we are again single in search of the famous MBSTR (Dude Under All Report).
New decor: bar / box connected, loud music but not too much for us to talk to each other, different small lounge areas to settle and thankfully, always a few girlfriends survivors of long term relationships, so celib, like me.
In less than 10 minutes, my BFF (Best Friend Forever) leaves with the look-alike Gaspard Ulliel, scooter, leaving us glued by so much efficiency!
First observation: the dredge 2.0 goes faster: exchanged glances / ok, some shared sentences / ok, we like / ok, we go together. Well, it’s simple finally!
As we are still there to spend a good evening with friends, we have fun, we dance, we sing loudly and the guys try their luck. Without realizing it I find myself dancing with a pretty good dancer who puts me “you are really very beautiful” every 2sec, so it is very observant, certainly, but limited conversation. End of the dance, I smiled politely to separate myself and there, I find myself with the lips of the guy on mine, direct, without warning. There I tell myself that I had to miss an episode between the 90’s and 2014 so that a smile gives access “open-bar” for my mouth!
Second observation: we do not speak the same language (ahaha), in 2014 we dance, we zap the conversations and we get excited, ok, I note.
Maximum seduction atmosphere, the evening is at its height when another boy asks me if my girlfriend (my other BFF) and I are together? STOP !! Explanation of text: two blonde girlfriends dancing = 3 ideal plane dreamed of the boy in question … to make him marinate (and because he is far from Gaspard Ulliel or Ryan Gosling) we answer that YES we are together, but with him, it’s NO, not tonight.
Third observation: some male fantasies are timeless and go through the ages, I note.
To draw up an account of this evening of celib: some 06 in stock (oh yes, we do not say anymore ‘phone number’, note it), an immersion in the heart of the dredge 2.0 rather successful despite a population with us and customs that are unknown but which, once approached, is easy to decode!
Finally, the seduction remains a game, it’s up to you to set the rules … hoping that this little rescue guide will be useful!
Next time we will discuss the subject of the new male: but why (and how?) He became crazy about his body..hum..hum!

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