Singles: it’s not just work in life!

Single and professional world sometimes rhyme with extended schedules, replacement of colleagues “with children” (which increases the load of your work), external trips or appointments that are assigned to you automatically because you have “no constraint” … In short, you sometimes feel under pressure but for what recognition, by the way? So enjoy this new year that begins: take a break and take the time to think about your investment in work and the part it represents in your life in general.

The way to work, you know him well, but for some time you feel a lump in the throat, a bow in the stomach during the journey home / office. Added to this is the fatigue of your night, which, like the previous ones, has not been very relaxing: you always have things inherent to the work that run into your head and prevent you from getting to sleep.

How to distinguish habitual fatigue from burnout? In France, 3million people would be at high risk of burnout, here are the first symptoms *:

Sleep disturbances accompanied by professional ruminations during the night
Decreased pleasure to work (even if previously we were very motivated)
Less resistance to infections: accumulation of colds, tonsillitis, eczema, pimples, stomachaches, loss of appetite or uncontrolled snacking
A reduction of the lunch break or the institutionalization of the quick sandwich swallowed in front of his screen
A frenzied commitment to work (overtime, work during the weekend …) to the detriment of privacy
An irritability, annoyances, an increasing unavailability towards his relatives (children, spouse, friends …), a withdrawal.

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