9 Signs to Know that Your Relationship Will Last

Have Facebook posts showing couples celebrating their ten years together made you wish you too could achieve this someday? Well, then what you need to know is building a relationship last long is not easy and you need to know about the signs that your relationship will last.

So, if you are willing to invest in your relationship and make it last longer, here are a few self-check points that can help you. Ask yourself if they are a part of your relationship for signs your relationship will last long.

1. You can Communicate Easily with them

While it is essential to frame what you would like to say before you talk, this rule need not hold in a relationship.

A good relationship is one where communication is open, and you don’t have to think ten times before you say anything to your partner. Communication is vital for a healthy relationship approach.

This idea also holds strong when you have news to share with your partner, be it good or bad. Do you fear to break any news to your partner, or do you postpone telling it? Well, if the answer is no, then this is one of the signs of a good relationship.

On the other hand, if you are someone who has to plan what you have to say to your partner and rehearse it before you face him/her, then the sad news is that you need to work on your relationship.

2. You Make Time for Each Other

While work and other commitments are as important as your relationship, it is also crucial that you make quality time for each other.

One of the signs your relationship will last forever is that both partners know the importance of spending time with each other. So, if either your partner or you turned down an excellent job because the extra time to commute would affect your time together, this is one of the signs your relationship will last.

A good relationship is one where the ambition for success, promotions, and hikes don’t take over the relationship.

Making time for each other also involves considering each other’s choices when it comes to what you like doing together.

A good relationship is one where each partner thinks the other one’s likes and choices and makes it a part of their schedule together.

3. There is No Place for Backbiting

Yes, we do know a lot of couples who bad mouth each other, and if you are surprised by this fact, this is one of the signs your relationship will last.

While sharing the little problems in a relationship with a friend is common and acceptable, backbiting about your partner to everyone in your friend circle can go a long way in providing an expiry date to the relationship.

Letting everyone know the little quirks of your partner is not a good idea if you want the relationship to last.

On the other hand, if you are someone who is proud of your partner and shows the world this, there is a high chance that your relationship is going to last.

4. You Listen to Each Other

Well, this one may seem irrelevant, believe it or not, it does have a place here and plays a huge role in determining the signs your relationship will last.

A good partner is someone who will bring out all that is within you, even if you are not the world’s most talkative person. A good relationship is one where both partners are curious to know more about each other and are all ears when it comes to hearing about each other.

Listening to your partner is also essential during an argument. It will help you understand your partner’s perspectives and keep your partner from feeling taken for granted.

Listening to what your partner has to say, will help you to fight fair, which is one of the most important things for a healthy relationship.

Claiming that you are right and ensuring that your partner knows it may be useful for your ego but won’t do any good to your relationship. So, a good relationship is one where you don’t mind being wrong and are more concerned about what is right than being right.

5. You Forgive

Strifes and trifles are a part of every relationship but what’s important is that these are forgiven and forgotten with time. If this is a part of your relationship, it’s one of the many signs your relationship will last.

Forgiveness holds not just in the case of minor mistakes but major ones too. How fast you can forgive and forget goes a long way in determining how long a relationship will last. While this may not be easy, it sure is not impossible and can be worked on with time and effort.

On the other hand, bringing up the mistakes committed in the past and using them as trump cards to win every argument can go a long way in making the end of a relationship like a ticking time bomb.

Moving on and giving a partner a chance will also prevent a partner from committing the mistake again and working harder to save the relationship.

6. You Are Happy for Each Other

One of the significant signs of a healthy relationship is that jealousy has no role to play in the relationship. Instead, you are genuinely happy for each other at times of success.

So, whether your partner gets a hike and a salary that is going to be higher than yours or your partner has a neater job than you, these are going to be proud moments of celebration in your relationship.

If this holds for you, your relationship is a healthy and a long-lasting one.

While insecurity is something we all face, not being able to manage this feeling in a relationship is not a good sign.

7. You Share Similar Goals

Now, you may be a little disappointed by this if you go by the saying that opposites attract. A lot of studies have shown that sharing similar goals is one of the most prominent signs your relationship will last longer.

Now, this does not mean that you both have to have the same hobbies and pursue the same careers. You can be as different as you like in these areas.

Goals can include the little things in your relationship. Do you both want to get married and start a family? Do you wish to have kids? If there are no clashes in these choices, your relationship is likely to last longer.

Finally, a relationship will last long only if there are efforts from both sides to save the relationship. Having only one partner struggling to keep the relationship is not going to keep the relationship going.

8. There is Respect for Each Other

How much respect each partner has for the other also goes a long way in determining the length of a relationship. This is the reason that one of the significant signs your relationship will last is respect.

While it is important to keep communication open, politeness is still something that is very important in a relationship. While arguments have their place in a relationship, you need to ensure that they do not include harsh insults and criticisms.

Being thankful to your partner for all the things you have received also plays an important role here. A lot of times we are quick to pick the things that have not been done.

So, when was the last time you showed your partner how grateful you are? If you don’t remember, it’s time to act now.

And finally, accepting each other with your flaws is another way of showing respect for each other. Rather than wishing your partner would change, loving your partner in spite of every flaw will go a long way in saving the relationship.

9. You Still Share a Spark

If those things that you used to do when you first started dating haven’t disappeared, you have another one of the signs your relationship will last.

So, if you still find time to message each other in the middle of work, buy gifts for each other, go on dates together and so on, there is more likely a chance of your relationship lasting.

If your being in a relationship does not feel like you are stuck in a routine, you have one less reason to worry about when it comes to the longevity of your relationship.

However, while it is a good sign that you still do the things you did when you were dating, you also need to ensure that your relationship has grown much more from the days you were dating to now.

Final Words

So, do you see all the above signs in your relationship? If not, don’t worry because it’s never too late to change things in your relationship.

So, now that you know what the signs your relationship will last, consider the things that you need to work on are. You need to take one step at a time, and before you would even know it, your relationship is also going to look like a longlasting one.


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