Myths and Facts About PCOS

Myths and Facts about PCOS

Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome or PCOS is one of the most common health issue women are suffering from these days. There are a lot of myths and facts about PCOS that are doing the rounds of the internet or that you hear from your friends. But the reality is way different than that. So, before you pay a visit to your doctor for it, take a look at this section which breaks down all the myths about PCOS.

What is PCOS?

Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome or simply PCOS is a condition found in women which imbalance their hormonal levels. This condition causes their body to produce more male hormones than requires and as a result, it starts reflecting on their body too. The major reflection can be seen in irregular or no menstrual cycle at all.


The major symptoms of PCOS are –

  • Hair growth on the face, body and excessive hair loss on the head.
  • Irregular menstrual cycle or no cycle at all.
  • Acne breakouts on the face, upper back and even chest too.
  • Extreme weight gain.
  • Skin darkening out of nowhere.

PCOS – Myths and Facts

There are a lot of myths about PCOS you can hear from anyone on the internet or your surroundings. People generally term this problem as an acute one and claim that there are no cures for it. However, in reality, PCOS is such a common problem and can be treated with the help of proper medication and diet.

You can check out this list of myths and facts about PCOS and clear all your doubts about this condition. You should also consult your doctor before going for any prescription provided on the internet as this is not a safe way to treat PCOS.

1. Myth – You Cannot Get Pregnant If You Have PCOS


One of the most common myths and facts about PCOS that women listen timely is that they cannot get pregnant if they are suffering from PCOS. Actually, this myth is entirely wrong. However, getting pregnant while suffering from PCOS can be a bit of difficult for sure.

PCOS must be treated in the initial stages only otherwise it can lead on to cause infertility in your body. But still, at this time, you can get pregnant by the means of other methods than natural conceiving.

You must not get disappointed at all as doctors usually prescribe a 21 days medication course for this condition which balances the hormones and regulates the menstrual cycle. If healed or controlled timely, you can surely get pregnant even after suffering from PCOS.

2. Myth – Every Woman having Irregular Menstrual Cycle have PCOS

Another popular myth which is attached with this condition is that every single woman having irregular periods is suffering from PCOS. Women really need to get their facts checked before deciding on their own that they have PCOS.

Also, the women suffering from this condition keep on looking for every possible way to learn how to cure PCOS. But nothing works as effectively as the proper consultation and medication from your doctor.

Apart from PCOS, there can be various reasons for irregular periods like poor diet, stress, increasing obesity, other diseases, pregnancy and a lot more. You must go through sonography to check whether you have poly cysts in your ovaries or not.

3. Myth – Only the Condition of Poly (multiple) Cysts Defines PCOS

Of course, going by the name, such myths and facts about PCOS are genuine to occur. It has been seen that many women who suffer from PCOS do not even have poly cysts in their ovary. In fact, connecting this condition with only cysts is entirely wrong.

You really need to get your facts checked before getting on this conclusion that whether a woman is suffering from PCOS or not.

A woman needs to pass two out of three conditions to coming on to the conclusion that she has PCOS. These conditions are excess androgen, multiple cystic ovaries, and irregular menstruation. And this is why even after going through a sonogram does not clear that you have PCOS.

4. Myth – Woman Suffering from PCOS are sure to Get Obese


Obesity is definitely one of the most common symptoms and side-effects of PCOS but it is not necessary that every woman suffering PCOS suffers from obesity too. This is one of the most popular myths about PCOS which must be debunked in order to clear any doubts of people.

PCOS is a syndrome which can affect women in various ways like excessive hair growth on the body, acne breakouts etc.

Of course, thin and lean women are not common in the cases of PCOS but this is also not a compulsion to go through this obese phase while suffering from Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome.

5. Myth – Medication is enough to Cure PCOS


An entire lifestyle is on the stake when we talk about curing PCOS. In such kind of irregularities in your body and its hormones, only medication is not enough. These myths and facts about PCOS are sure to be debunked that the 21 days of medication course is going to heal you completely.

You need to change a lot of things about your daily routine. Firstly, you would have to work towards losing those extra pounds you gained because of this syndrome.

Go for some yoga or cardio exercise or better join a Zumba class for it. You should also improve your diet plan and include healthy and nutritious items in it. A combined effort is going to take you a long way in this race of getting free of PCOS.

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6. Myth – It is Easy to Lose Weight When You Are Having PCOS

There is no doubt that women are most likely to gain a lot of weight unintentionally when they are suffering from PCOS. The reality about PCOS is quite complex to understand as there is no definite reason behind it.

The most difficult phase that a woman goes through is the process of losing weight afterward. This is quite like losing weight after having a baby which is quite difficult.

This is going to be tough than a normal woman but with consistent efforts and healthy diet, you can surely do it easily. To make this activity fun, I would recommend picking a sport and playing it every single day.

7. Myth – You can Easily Find out on Your Own If You Have PCOS

Nobody can understand their body better than themselves but when it comes to PCOS, all the experience just goes in vain. You can never determine it on your own that whether the reason behind your irregular periods is PCOS or not.

Some myths and facts about PCOS are quite common as this one. Excessive body hair growth, irregular periods, weight gain etc. can also happen because of other reasons too.

You really need to get a complete check-up done timely to avoid the chances of any discrepancies. A regular visit to your gynecologist is a must to do especially in age between 20 and 50.

8. Myth – PCOS is a Very Rare Condition


All those people saying and depressing you with the fact that PCOS is such a rare condition and how you are going to cop up with it really need to go through a reality check. PCOS affects 1 out of every 5 women especially those of childbearing age.

This is such a common problem especially in the current time because of the poor diet, sedentary lifestyle and various other reasons.

You need not lose hopes as PCOS is such a common as well as curable disease and you can also get rid of the problem of infertility caused by it. All you need is a doctor who can advise you well about the entire issue and will-power which should be strong enough to change your lifestyle.

9. Myth – Losing Weight will Cure PCOS on its Own

Another one of the most common myths and facts about PCOS that woman come up with is that just by losing weight they are going to get rid of PCOS. Well, of course losing weight plays an important role while working on the treatment of PCOS but there are lots of other things which should be kept in mind too.

First of all, never skip your medications. This is so important to complete the 21 days of medication to get started with the treatment.

Secondly, you need to improve your diet and your workout plans. Losing weight surely accelerates the process which can be done through regular exercise.

10. Myth – PCOS Can Never be Treat Completely

You would have heard people claiming that PCOS is such kind of condition which can never be treated or cured entirely. However, this is only half-way true. There is no doubt that you are likely to suffer from this condition again if you do not take care of yourself completely.

Such kind of myths and facts about PCOS are only half-true. You can surely improve your condition by following the advice of your doctor seriously.

Although, the initial process is going to be super hectic and you will be facing a lot of issues too. But once you will improve your lifestyle, you can not only turn your menstrual cycle regular but can also lose a lot of weight too.

Final Words

PCOS has become such a common problem amongst young women that it has caused quite a buzz everywhere. However, you must not get affected by all the false information about this disease spread on the internet. I hope this section is going to clear the air for you and will help you understand the reality of PCOS in a simpler way.