Must Have Makeup Brushes for Beginners

If you are a newbie at beauty blogging or make-up then you must know about the makeup brushes for beginners. Beauty blogging has become a rage especially on platforms like YouTube and Instagram. And if you are thinking about joining the bandwagon to earn a living out of it, you must know about the kind of makeup brushes that are widely used.

Top 10 Make Up Brushes for Beginners

There are literally hundreds of types of makeup brushes and to be true, you are not going to learn that why the hell do we need at least 5 types of brushes just for the eyes. Anyway, I am going to advise you to learn about only 10 of them as a beginner as they are the must-have makeup brushes for you.

1.      Foundation Brush (Flat Top)


This is so important to have a flat top foundation brush as one of the most basic tools for your makeup. It definitely tops the list of must-have makeup brushes for a reason. Foundation is the base layer of the face and a flat top kabuki brush helps in spreading it out evenly.

You just need to focus on the fact that your foundation brush is made up of soft bristles which are antibacterial and densely packed together.

Most of the time people tend to avoid the quality of the handle but this is so important for the perfect hold. So, check everything before finally buying a foundation brush for yourself.

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Wet ‘n Wild Flat Top Foundation Brush

2.      Lash Comb/Brush


One of the most common myths that surround people while buying makeup brushes for beginners is that they do not need the small ones. But in fact, small brushes are the one which can make or break your entire look.

For example, this lash comb plus brush is an important asset to groom your brows and make them look fierce and powerful. If going by the trend, your eyebrows must be the most highlighting part of your face. And you cannot even think about grooming them without the help of a suitable brush.

Just comb your eyebrows in a vertical motion and then fill in the gaps with the help of the brush. It is that simple to use.

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Vega Eye Groomer Brush

3.      Angled Brush


An angled brush is a lot to take for the beginners but once you will learn to use it, I am sure you won’t even need any other brush at all. You cannot even think about the possibilities with Angled Brush as you can use it for multiple reasons.

However, it is going to need some experience for that but it is definitely worth including amongst the makeup brushes for beginners.

An angled brush can be used for applying blush as the angled bristles give a very smooth glide on the apple of your cheeks. You can also use it to apply contour but it is going to take time for you to learn that.

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Dream Maker Angled Brush

4.      Powder Brush


Applying loose powder to set the makeup is the most important part of the overall process. There are different types of makeup brushes available but a powder brush is must to have for you. This one is a long fluffy brush which is just perfect to even set the powder on your face and then to brush it off.

It has a very large bristle head which is perfect to cover the maximum area of your face at a time and the smooth and densely packed bristles help in diffusing the powder well.

This brush must be there in your makeup essentials to dust off the excess powder from your face and to get a flawless look.

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Generic Professional Powder Brush Tool

5.      Blending Brush for Eyes


Those who know the technicalities of makeup routine very well knows the importance of a strong and on-point eye makeup. And this is why it would be wise to opt for a blending brush amongst the makeup brushes for beginners.

You must learn to blend the multiple eyeshadow colors on your eyes very well. In fact, you can use this brush after the entire eye makeup to create a very balanced and smooth look.

Apart from eyeshades, you can use it to apply concealer or setting powder on the lid of your eyes too. It won’t take you much time learning how to use it perfectly.

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Oriflame Professional Blending Brush

6.      Fan Brush


A fan brush might seem quite unnecessary but it should be the first thing to include in the makeup brushes for beginners. Defining the sculpture of your face is an important part of makeup and fan brush allows you to do the same.

You can apply bronzer, highlighter through this brush very well and then sweep it in a line to create the perfectly highlighted face.

Going by the name, you can also use the fan brush to remove the excess product from your face. It is mostly used for dusting off the fallen eye-shadow on the apple of your cheeks without smudging it on your face at all.

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Vega Fan Brush

7.      Concealer Brush


Someone who is suffering from a pigmented face and a lot of dark spots must have some top quality makeup brushes to apply concealer evenly on them. A concealer brush is quite small as compared to that of foundation brush and allows you to apply concealer on selected spots and area very well.

It looks quite like that of blending brush for eyes but uses a flat surface which is pointed from the middle section.

This pointed tip allows you to apply the concealer precisely in a particular area and not on the entire face. I would recommend you to use the tip of a beauty blender if you are not comfortable with the brush yet.

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Faces Concealer Brush

8.      Smudge Brush


No cocktail party makeup can be completed with the smudged look of eyes. It adds the much-needed drama in your eyes and gives you a bold look. And this is why including the smudge brush amongst the makeup brushes for beginners is a must thing to do.

This one is a short brush which is little curved and gives an arch-like shape from the bristles. You can use it on the lash line to smudge your kohl or eyeliner a bit.

This will create the smoky eye look like no other brush ever. You can also use it for blending the eye-shades color on the crease of your eyes.

This smudge Brush from Amazon is a total lifesaver –

Vega Eye Smudger Brush

9.      Eyeliner Brush (Angled)


Applying even eyeliner on both the eyes is no less than a struggle for most of the girls including me. But an angled eyeliner brush is going to change the experience for you forever. Eyeliner is so important to accentuate the overall look and a bad application can also ruin the entire look for you.

This one is a very small and less bristled brush pointed from the middle. The bristles are long and it is tilted slightly to support your hands well.

This tilted part gives a great ease while applying the eyeliner and gives a very straight edge too. You can also use this for applying concealer on the rim of your lips as well.

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Oriflame Precision Angled Eyeliner Brush

10. Lip Brush


One of the most common myths the grips people while learning how to use makeup brushes is that they will never ever need a lip brush for sure. But things can turn really nasty while applying a liquid lip cream or some pigment on your lips.

In such condition, you definitely need a lip brush to create the perfect shape of your lips and to apply the color evenly on it.

In fact, once you will get habitual with the lip brush, I am sure you will never use any lipstick or color directly on your lips.

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Deborah Milano DH Retractable Lip Brush

Bonus – Beauty Blender


The craze for Beauty Blender has left behind every possible makeup brushes for your face. Whether it is for concealer or for your favorite foundation or even blush or bronzer, a beauty blender can handle it all like a pro.

One of the most common mistake that people do while using a beauty blender is that they use it dry. You must soak it in water and then rinse out the water well. It will add the much-needed moisture and you will be able to glide the beauty blender well on your face.

The tip, flat surface, and oval surface have their own uses and you are going to learn about them in other sections on this blog.

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Puna Store Miracle Complexion Sponge

Final Words

It literally takes way more than you think to become a pro at beauty and makeup. You can literally create tons of looks with limited products and this works even well when you have the right brushes by your side. I hope this section of makeup brushes for beginners is going to help you out a bit as a newbie.