Top 10 Most Romantic Destinations in Europe for Your Honeymoon

Winter is coming and so are the reasons to search for the most romantic destinations in Europe. The wedding season is right across the corner and you people would definitely want to do some homework regarding the honeymoon destinations.

As Europe is the prime location for romantic places, let’s check out what are the best destinations out there to spend some quality romantic time with your partner.

1. Amsterdam, Netherlands


Amsterdam is the capital of the Netherlands and showcases the most beautiful architecture and eye-catching historical sights out there. No wonder, it tops the list of romantic holidays for a couple in Europe and why it wouldn’t if it has so much to offer.

If you and your partner are in love with art and architecture and breathtaking museums, then Places like Amsterdam are just the right for you. Amsterdam is a celebrated place for food and dance too and if you are going there in summers of April then you can take part in Kings Day festival out there.

The city is popular for its canals which paints a pretty picture of the town and its picturesque beauty. Dine in 12 Micheline Star restaurants and enjoy the standard canal cruise rides to make the most out of your visit to Amsterdam.

Best Time to Visit – summer (May-Mid August)

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2. Venice, Italy


An old town, a UNESCO World Heritage Site and the most beautiful city in the world, there are plenty of reasons which makes Venice one of the most romantic destinations in Europe. The beautiful commute of canals throughout the city and the amazing palaces and bridges make it popular as a romantic destination.

This floating city is not just about its canals but about its Venetian architecture too. The sight is enough to give you goosebumps and if you are into arts and culture then you would love to visit Teatro La Fenice, a beautiful Opera House in Venice.

Annual carnivals and seafood delicacies are the specialties of Cities like Venice. You can find numerous Instagram Worthy pictures here at every inch.

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Best Time to Visit – September to November

3. Paris, France


Unlike the popular belief, Paris is not just about The Eiffel Tower only. In fact, the city of love makes it to the list because of having some of the most romantic hotels in Europe too. You are going to love exploring the Parisian culture which is all about art, exploration, and wine.

Another bonus that Paris brings is the boat ride on the River Seine. It gives a detailed view of the city and worthy of your experience.

What else you can check out in Cities like Paris is it’s definitely the fashion and art here. From being the fashion capital of the world to hosting Mona Lisa in Louvre museum, Paris is worth of your every single penny. And finally, do not forget to stuff your tummy with the amazing food here.

Best Time to Visit – April to June and October to Early November

4. Prague, Czech Republic


You just cannot miss visiting Prague when wondering about the most romantic destinations in Europe. It is popular for the largest Castle Complex in the world spread in the whopping area of 70,000 Sq. meters.

Prague Castle is definitely every bit of royalty and if you are your partner are a fan of art and architecture, you are going to fall in love with this city.

Watch the sunset while sitting on one of the oldest and still functional bridges in Europe. Charles bridge in Prague will definitely host an amazing evening for a couple.

But this is still not the best part about Prague. Instead, it is the fact that Prague is one of the cheapest capitals in Europe. So, while you are spending a romantic get-away, it will be healthy in your pocket too.

Best Time to Visit – April to October

5. Porto, Portugal


Porto might not be that popular as compared to other destinations mentioned here but it can surely make a perfect romantic weekend destination in Europe. A quick trip to Porto won’t disappoint you especially when you are a big foody.

The classic and very old dishes in Porto are its best-kept secrets along with Port Wine. And not to be forgotten the beautiful landscapes which are going to brighten your Instagram feed like a fire.

However, Porto is mostly about its streets and its old yet unique architecture. So, basically, a long walk with your partner would be the most romantic thing you can do in Porto. You can also find various historic sites out here so Porto is definitely a great pick for a weekend trip.

Best Time to Visit – September and October

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6. Belgrade, Serbia


Belgrade is a place suitable for more outgoing and adventurous couples. It is definitely one of the most romantic destinations in Europe but it is more popular for its club life rather than picturesque beauty. This Serbian capital is quite diverse in terms of its architecture so you would have to keep your camera ready all the time.

As Belgrade is still an emerging destination, the pricing here is quite cheap as compared to other destinations in Europe so you can surely save some bucks here.

Exploring the nightlife of Belgrade is a strong recommendation but if you are not a party person, you can simply explore the local shops and taste some amazing food here. Do not forget to check out Wander Kalemegdan, ruins of a fortress here.

Best Time to Visit – March to May and September – October

7. Vienna, Austria


The capital of Austria, Vienna is one of the most elegant cities in Europe and definitely one of the most romantic destinations in Europe in winter 2018. While other cities are popular for their architecture, food, and streets, Vienna makes a difference with its classical music.

You can find Jazz music being played live at every other café and parks and you can find numerous Jazz clubs here. Vienna also hosts another UNESCO World Heritage Site which is the Schonbrunn Palace. This palace screams elegance with every brick and you really need to visit it when it in Vienna.

You can also take an adventurous turn with your trip by riding a giant Ferris Wheel here, the amusement park in Vienna provides this opportunity.

Best Time to Visit – April to May and September – October

8. Dubrovnik, Croatia


Croatia definitely highlighted itself after the recent FIFA World Cup and the city of Dubrovnik emerged as an even more popular destination for couples. It is definitely one of the most romantic destinations in Europe. This medieval-themed city is for the one who can ponder on the details.

And of course, for the one who is as vibrant as its summer festival. The cultural activities bring the city to a new life and it is just the perfect time to visit the city.

Like the rest of the European destinations, Dubrovnik also holds significance for its art which is showcased carefully in various museums here. Do not forget to visit the nearby island of Lokrum to get away from the city’s crowds.

Best Time to Visit – September and October

9. Budapest, Hungary


Budapest holds a special historic significance because of its vast architectural offerings in form of buildings and a number of landmarks here. But that does not make it any less romantic for a honeymoon getaway. The buildings here gives a gothic vibe but at the same time looks quite breathtaking.

Completely different at night, you can enjoy great club life in Budapest with its pubs and weekend extravaganza.

You can find a unique view of Budapest when seen from a height as no building can exceed the height of 96m here. So, basically, you can easily capture a wide view from any hill here. And finally, the food, do not forget to taste the local cuisines here.

Best Time to Visit – September to November

10. Santorini, Greece

Oia, Santorini

Santorini is definitely topping the chart of most beautiful cities in Europe. Apparently, every inch of this city screams beauty and the magnificent and unique architecture is its highlights.

But what makes it one of the most romantic destinations in Europe is the perfect setting of whitewashed buildings against the Blue Ocean.

An evening spent in Santorini can never be forgotten. Also, Santorini hosts the most beautiful sunset in the world and I am sure you would not want to miss that with your partner.

Santorini is a place not only to spend the honeymoon but to also get married amidst the most breathtaking view and romance filled in its air.

Best Time to Visit – Late April to Early November

Final Words

It becomes so difficult to book the hotels and flights at the last moment so make sure to book in advance. It will not only save you some great amount of money but also helps you to get rid of last minute hassles.

These most romantic destinations in Europe are truly amazing for a couple heading to their honeymoon.