Maldives Tourism and Its Beaches for the Water Baby inside You

Maldives tourism is dedicated for the people who just cannot think beyond a tropical vacation. The amazing beaches, crystal clear water and luxurious resorts out here are just perfect for a beach retreat. Maldives is a favorite for both family as well as honeymoon trips and this is why here is a quick list of the best places you can find out there.

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1. Baros Island

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Baros Island is the legit king of Maldives tourism and basically, it is a type of luxury Resort Island. The resort has 3 restaurants and provides an experience of luxury stay at the Maldives. If you want a vacation retreat far away from the crowd then Baros Island makes the perfect place for you.

With turquoise water and sun-kissed lands, you are going to find the most beautiful corals and a natural experience out here. The island is a combination of water villas and land resort providing a perfect balance of versatility to the visitors.

The place is quite exotic and filled with all the facilities and services needed for an escape from the hush-hush life. From the spa to a variety of watersports available here, Baros Island is suitable for both couples as well as families.

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2. The Capital City – Malé


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The capital city of Maldives Malé is definitely one of the best places in the Maldives. If you are not that much into resort retreat, then please take some time out to visit this amazing city. Malé is definitely quite different from the other areas of Maldives as it shows off the epic lifestyle and large buildings which is a rare sight in other areas of Maldives.

There are numbers of restaurants, bars and great activities for tourists which are enough to keep you busy all day long. In fact, the international airport of Maldives is also located here.

Malé is also an island just like the rest of the areas in the Maldives and hence you are always in the reach of water sports and water rides.

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3. Sun Island

sun island

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Another part of Maldives tourism is Sun Island which is also a type of luxury resort Island. However, this one is a more suitable spot for family trips rather than for honeymoons. Just like the other ones, it is briefly divided into two areas which are water villas and land resort.

The kind of services you can find here are bars, restaurant, massage, spa, nightclub and many more. You can also access the golf course and enjoy the water sports out there.

The island is definitely bigger than that of others and Sun Island turns out to be a popular part of Maldives. From lush green lands to turquoise water outside, this is definitely a sight to behold.

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4. Alimatha Island


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Just like Baros, you can find a number of Maldives Island located closely to each other. One of them is Alimatha Island which is as luxurious and soothing as Baros. Located at the eastern edge of Maldives this beauty showcases crystal clear water and a number of water sports for the tourists.

Located in Vaavu Atoll, you can choose this spot for snorkeling, diving and for simply boating around too. I would recommend this spot for family tours as well as honeymoon ones.

Other services and amenities you can find here are spas, Ayurvedic massage center, restaurants, bars and more. Alimatha Island is great to escape the rush life and relax for a while in a sun-kissed environment.

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5. Whale Submarine

whale sub

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Whale Submarine can be called the main highlight of Maldives tourism. This is something different that you would surely want to explore. Contrary to its name, this submarine is not for observing whales but for taking the visitors to an underwater tour to explore the reefs and other parts of the island.

You can start the journey from the capital city Malé. This is quite common to enjoy the beach life at the Maldives, but taking a dive inside the luxurious ocean is something you would not want to miss.

The sea life inside is quite versatile and it will give you an unforgettable experience out there. They provide complete details on this tour so that you can understand about the sea life very well.

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6. Addu City


Addu City is such type of places to visit in the Maldives which is far away from the crowd and tall buildings. Contrary to the capital city of Malé, this one is definitely not that crowded and developed too. It is a collaboration of inhabited islands and forms a beautiful archipelago.

Contrary to the other areas in the Maldives, you won’t find as luxurious resorts as other islands but what makes it worth visiting is the untouched nature here.

You can definitely find decent hotels to stay out there or it would be better to plan a quick trip to Addu when you are staying somewhere else nearby.

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7. Bikini Beach

bikini beach

Maldives tourism is all about beaches and islands and resorts then what makes Bikini Beach a special one? While there is a strict guide about the dress code on other beaches of Maldives, you can wear your favorite bikini and chill around at Bikini Beach.

This is what makes it so special as there are no guidelines attached to this particular beach. The surreal and breathtaking beauty of this beach is another great thing about it.

You can find bikinis and swimsuit on the local stores here and while you soak the sun and embrace the lines of coconut trees, the beach is going to refresh your mood completely.

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Final Words

The locations in the Maldives are beyond our imagination. From Maldives beach to various small islands here, the site surely looks breathtaking from the aerial view. You can find a number of water sports as well as cruise rides here. Maldives never fall short of beauty and this is why it is one of the most visited and most loved vacation spots in the world. Do not forget to book your tickets now!

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