How to Know that She is the One for You

So you guys have been dating from quite some time but how to know she is the one. Casually dating someone and thinking about a future with them is an entirely different thing.

And there are some signs and traits which can assure you that she is a keeper for a lifetime. This post is going to help you to know whether she is the one for you or not.

10 Traits of Her to Look Out for

Choosing a life partner is an entirely personal matter but still, there are some points to notice which can assure you about her. So, these are the 10 things you can notice when figuring out whether you guys are meant to be for a lifetime or not.

She Cares for You like Your Mother


You know she is the one for you when you can actually relate her behavior to that of your mom. She scolds you like one and then cares for you too. From enquiring about what you ate to ask how your day was, she asks it all. You can be sure about this girl when she reminds you of your mother. I don’t want to be cliché but girls like these are definitely a keeper for you.

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You Top Her Priority List


No matter how busy she is or how much workload she is coming up with, she always makes time for you. This can be a quick text or just a call that lasts hardly some seconds. But you can easily understand that how to know she is the one just by her gestures towards you. And the same applies you too. If you just can’t go through a day without talking to her, you should consider it as a strong sign.

She doesn’t Make Stupid Demands


Now, this is something every guy would relate to. They are probably tired of fulfilling the long list of demands of their girls. Whether it is about taking her to shop or to drop her off to somewhere. The girl who wants to be with you forever would never trouble you for the things she can handle on her own. And this is what makes her special from the rest of others.

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She is Always There for You


Life is unpredictable and hence you need to go through a lot of ups and downs throughout it. The girl who is the one for you would never leave by your side no matter what kind of situation it is. If you are wondering how to know she is the one, then you should better notice this quality above all. If she is there for you when you need her the most, she is one true gem of a person.

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She Gets Along Well With Your Family


I hope you won’t want someone in your life who never treats your family like her own. The girl who wants to be with you for eternity would easily get along with your family and it happens vice-versa too. Your family too would love to spend time with this girl. I don’t think a guy needs anything else than the fact that his family approves of his choice and his girl is loving them too.

Your Friends like her


Guys seriously give some major friendship goals with their friends cum brother. You would surely want her to get along well with your friends too. Well, most of the times you need to pick one of them but a great girl would never let you fall into such kind of situation. So, if you want to decide how to know she is the one, watch her how she behaves with your pals and how all of this turns out for you.

She Scolds You Timely


Being in love does not mean to accompany your partner even if he is doing something wrong. The girl who truly loves you would scold you time to time and make it clear about the right(s) and wrong(s). She might get rude sometimes but it is all because she does not want to you do something wrong in your love.

She is your worst critic and keeps you grounded too. Marry her, because she would always help you to be the best version of yourself.

She Never Compares You with Others


A healthy relationship is the one where both the partners never try to teach and preach to each other to become someone who they are not. If you want to know how to know she is the one, you should always look out for such kind of clues. The one who really wants to be with you will accept you with all your flaws and would never want to change you and become like someone else.

She Understands You Well


The key to a happy relationship is always the understanding between the couple. Taking care of each other without even asking and maintaining the right balance of love and friendship is something that defines a perfect relationship. If you are super comfortable with her and she also understands you well then you should never doubt about such kind of girls. They are here to stay forever.

She Makes Future Goals with You


This is the most important part of this guide on how to find the one for you. You know you guys are made for each other when both of you are on the same page. She thinks about a future with you and talks about it all the time. If she really wants to be with you for a lifetime, it easily reflects in her conversation. If your girl does the same, you should never let her go.

Final Words

Not every relationship is the same and this is why I won’t generalize it over every couple. It entirely depends upon the kind of understanding and mutual feelings you guys share with each other and this defines a relationship perfectly.

So, just focus on staying happy together because it is impossible to find an ideal girl and definitely an ideal boy too.

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