How to Know He is the One for You


After our previous section for the guys, it is the time for how to know he is the one for the ladies. When you are in a steady relationship from quite a long time, it is normal to think about taking the next step. But hold yourself there only because you need to be sure about.

You just cannot marry someone without thinking about various aspects of commitment and relationships. And hence I think this guide is going to help you out correctly in it.

10 Traits of Him to Look Out for

Well, there are plenty of attributes for how to know he is the one but I am going to stick to these 10 for you. This is such a sensitive topic that one can easily write a thesis on it and that won’t be enough too. So, on a lighter note, you can look for these 10 traits in it, and if he passes the test, you know what to do next!

1. He Supports You through Thick and Thin

The general answer to your query of how to know he is the one is that he supports you through all the ups and downs. And actually, it applies to both the parties.

I mean the equation that you two share with each other must be something which cannot be moved by the ups and downs in your life. Each relationship goes through its highs and lows, and if your guys are ready to commit throughout this challenging time then girl, he is the one for you.

The perfect partner for you isn’t the one who never commits a mistake but the one who commits it but ready to sort it out too. It is all about the mutual perception of you two towards life and how you guys are ready to face the difficulties of practical life.

And if you see him standing right by your side in every difficult phase of your life, then just do not let him go away because he is here to stay.

2. He Doesn’t Care about Your Appearance

You cannot deny the fact that outer appearance too matters but to quite some extent only. If this is the only basis for him to stay in a relationship, then you are probably dealing with a creep.

Get yourself a guy who loves you inside out. A guy who doesn’t judge because you have pimples on your cheeks or dark circles under your eyes. In fact, the best way for how to know he is the one is to be just yourself in front of him and see how he treats you.

If his treatment for you, changes with your looks then he is definitely not the one you should date. However, this definitely does not apply to the flings and committed relationships only.

The beauty that you have outside is undoubtedly going to fade out someday. If your guy loves you for the beauty of your soul and not your body, then he is dead serious about you, and you must not let him go anywhere.

3. He is Ready to Do “Nothing” with You

Modern relationships have become quite complicated and hard to crack. Couples always need something to do together otherwise they tend to lose interest in each other. But if your guy feels pleasure in doing “nothing” with you, then he is the answer to your question of how to know he is the one.

Love becomes as complicated as you think more and more about it. You just need to let it flow naturally and sometimes try sitting by each other randomly.

Of course visiting restaurants, doing adventures and running errands are part of a happening life but what about a cozy night? Have you ever felt comfortable in just sitting by his side and staring at the wall? Or have you ever just looked at each other and opened up your heart out to each other?

If the answer is yes then congratulations girl because you have found the one for you. The guy who is ready to miss his football match or boys night for you is definitely a keeper for life.

4. He Respects You and Your Work

Now, this is the most common issue that most of the relationships go through is the balance between their personal and professional life.

I won’t stereotype all the males, but generally, it happens that most male counterparts do not really value the work life of their female companions. Not only that it is a matter of disgrace but also causes a rift between the two.

But if he values your work and yourself as a person, then I am sure he is the one for you. Of course, this must not be the only way to judge a guy but surely a strong reason to consider.

So, while you are still wondering that how to know he is the one, I hope this might help you out a bit. And as we are talking about this whole concept of respect, you should keep this in mind that it comes mutually. So, before you expect him to respect you and your work, show some to his work too.

5. He Brings Out the Best in You

There is no point of being in a relationship when it brings out the worst in you. If you want to figure out that how to know he is the one, you must analyze him as a person and not as your boyfriend.

His behavior and his idea of leading life and treating everyone equal matters a lot especially when you two are up for a longer run. This quality of a person inspires the ones around him as well. His good habits are going to affect you too and that too in a positive manner.

So, check whether he inspires you to be a better person or frustrates you to become something you would not like to be.

Actually, the same matters vice versa too as it is about you both. If you two are sharing this fantastic equation and inspiring each other to become the best version of yourself, then it is worth to think about the next level of this relationship.

6. He Gets Along with Your Friends and Family Seamlessly

Well, definitely it sounds kind of cliché, but it is what it is. You two are going to spend a lifetime together, and although he might not going to see your pals and family members every single day, it is still important that he shares a friendly bond with them.

The best way for how to know he is the one is to notice his behavior with your family in your absence. It would be the best idea to know that whether he is fake or super real.

He must have equal love and respect for your family and friends as much as he wants you to have some for his family. This is how mutual relationships work especially when you are thinking about taking the plunge with him.

I am sure you want a man in your life and not a guy and the way he treats other says a lot about him. I am sure this simple trick is going to work amazingly for you to know whether he is worth it or not.

7. You can be Yourself in Front of Him

There comes a phase in a long-term relationship where you tend to get comfortable with your partner. If that phase ceases to exist in your relationship, then he is so not the one for you.

I mean, for how long you are going to pretend and remain fake in front of him? This is quite clear that when you want the answer of how to know he is the one, you would have to notice these little things about him for sure.

The same applies to the guys too. If they want to figure out How to Know She is the One, then they need to follow the similar steps also. Staying true to your inner self is the most crucial aspect of a relationship and afterward being faithful to your partner.

These might sound little things but makes quite a big difference especially when you are trying to know whether he is the one for you or not.

8. He has no Shame Showing You Off in Front of Others

Being acceptable for each other is surely quite important but what about the proud one should feel because of the company of his partner?

How to know he is the one becomes quite a simple question when you think about these little things. Is your guy feels proud to introduce you to his friends and family? Does he feel fortunate enough to be with you?

If the answer is yes then just stay with him and plan your future with him. You guys must not feel ashamed of being with you in front of others. In fact, he should instead feel super proud that he got you as his girl. If he cannot accept your presence in front of others, he might start to feel insecure privately too.

It is essential to think about these aspects before you think about marrying him because it is about life and I am sure you would not want to ruin it.

9. His Chivalry is Still on Point for You

I think the concept of Chivalry is still not clear for people especially girls and most of the time, it is misinterpreted. This is not at all bad if your guy is chivalrous for you till now, in fact, this is such a big perk for you.

Let’s say opening the door for you or pulling the chair for you makes you feel respected and loved, isn’t it?

But there comes the point in a relationship where generally guys stop doing these little things and that’s seriously a high point. So, quite simply if you want how to know he is the one then simply notice these little things about him.

Not only that it shows the respect he has for you but also maintains the little perks of being in a relationship no matter how much time you two have shared together. Life is small, let your guy be chivalrous for you for a lifetime.

10. He Fits in as Your Best Friend

There is no written rule about it that your boyfriend must be your best friend. In fact, there are some relationships which start directly from the romantic angle and not from the friendship angle.

But then how this tip helps you to answer the riddle of how to know he is the one. Well, that’s kind of simple, as it is all about the comfort level that you two share with each other. Being a friend before lovers help you to talk about everything to him no matter what is it.

Building up the environment of friendship in a relationship helps the couple to get very much open to each other. And when you maintain a friendship as well as relationship, things sure get a lot simpler than ever without involving any formalities.

This one and the other tips that I mentioned above add ups to the answers of how to know you have found the one. And when you do, you must not just let him go away from you.

Final Words

I am no relationship expert, and this is why I cannot guarantee the success of these tips. But if you are entirely clueless that how to know he is the one then I am sure you can take help from this guide.

Love is no rocket science but wedding and commitment can be, and this is why you need to be 100% sure before taking the plunge. If you have more thoughts on it, then you can suggest your own tips and advice in the comments right below.

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