How to Cure PCOS Naturally

Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome. As patients of this disease, one of the worst moments for all of us was hearing the doctor breaking the news to us. PCOS can open to us a world of new problems from those as small as acne to those as severe as infertility and hormonal imbalance. But, the good news is that there is a way to beat them all.

Be it stress, weight gain or feeling of weakness, you can fight it all. And no, you don’t have to rely on pills for this heavily. All you have to focus on is how to cure PCOS naturally. This article shows you how to do that. Read on to know more. These are some of the things you have to make a note of if you want to learn how to beat PCOS naturally.

1. Watch the Carbs!

One of the most common facts you will come across when you read about the myths and facts about PCOS is that all women with PCOS need to go on a low-carb diet. However, this may not be true. What is important is that you should know the number of carbs you should be eating. This mainly depends upon the root cause of your PCOS.

So, if you have PCOS with insulin resistance, then a low carbohydrate diet would be a proper PCOS natural treatment for you. While 70 percent of women with PCOS fall under this category, you have the other 30 percent who do not have insulin resistance. In such a case, going on a low carb diet may not be a good idea.

This is why it is highly important for someone who wants to know how to cure PCOS naturally to have his blood sugar levels tested. This is how you can see if you have PCOS with insulin resistance or not.

2. Say Yes to Proteins

This again is for women with PCOS whose bodies tend to pump up a lot of insulin. So, if you have higher than normal insulin levels, a good protein diet can be one way of how to beat PCOS naturally. Another good thing about this is that foods that are rich in protein are generally low in carbohydrates.

And it’s not just decreasing the amount of insulin that is produced by the body. A diet high in protein also plays a significant role in contributing to weight loss. One of the major worries of women with PCOS is weight gain and obesity. A good protein diet can be a significant solution here.

However, when it comes to maintaining a good protein diet, it is essential to know what you should have and what you need to avoid. While plant-based proteins such as nuts and whole grains can be good for you, protein sources such as eggs and other red meat can be loaded with cholesterol and saturated fat, which make them food you need to avoid.

3. Say No to Coffee

Reading up on myths and facts about PCOS, you are sure to come across a lot of experts who advise you not to drink coffee. No, this is not a myth but a fact. That being said, let’s now have a look at what coffee can do to you and why you need to stay distant from it if you are looking for how to cure PCOS naturally.

Women with PCOS have to be especially careful about their adrenal glands, as adrenal fatigue is widespread among them. Caffeine can play an essential role in contributing to this.

Fertility is another fundamental reason why women with PCOS should monitor and control their coffee consumption. Caffeine can play an essential role in decreasing fertility, especially for someone with PCOS.

Apart from this, drinking coffee can also lead to stress, androgen production, increased abdominal fat and impaired glucose sensitivity for someone with PCOS. So, yes if you are wondering how to beat PCOS naturally, ensure that you keep the caffeine away.

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4. Check Your Iron

Prolonged and heavy bleeding can be another significant issue for women suffering from PCOS. More than one period a month is another thing that you may face here. This may result in iron deficiency or even anemia. Anemia can play a major role in causing various other issues like fatigue, pale skin, irritability, headaches, faster heartbeat, poor appetite and so on.

This calls for iron in your food consumption if you are thinking about treating PCOS permanently. Whole grain cereals, leafy green vegetables like spinach and lentils are some of the iron-rich foods that you may consider here.

Apart from eating iron, you also need to ensure that you consume foods that help in absorbing iron. Foods that are rich in Vitamin C can be beneficial here. Oranges, tomatoes, grapefruit, and kiwi are some of the items you may want to include in your diet.

And yes, here’s another reason why you need to cut down on coffee. Not only it causes the problems mentioned above but also decrease the absorption of iron.

5. Say No to Sugar

If you have a sweet tooth, here’s some sad news for you. The importance of saying no to sugar is another thing you need to understand if you want to know how to cure PCOS naturally.

Sugar, first of all, leads to weight gain, which is one of the first things women with PCOS need to look out for. Secondly, sugar makes you crave for more carbs, which is very important to avoid. Finally, it also leads to an increase in high blood pressure, risk of heart disease and even stress.

On the other hand, controlling your sugar intake can help in lowering your blood glucose levels and also prevent all the problems mentioned above.

However, this may not be easy. As someone with PCOS, you will tend to crave for sweets and other food items with sugar, especially after a meal. What you can do in such instances is opt for fruits, especially those that are rich in iron, vitamins and other nutrients that serve as PCOS natural treatments.

6. Drink Lots of Water

While the right diet may be one of the most critical steps for someone who wants to know how to beat PCOS naturally, the role of water cannot be underestimated here. PCOS can put you at risk for many other diseases, some of them being cholesterol, heart disease, and diabetes. Taking in sufficient fluids can go a long way in preventing this.

And it is not just this. Drinking enough water is also known to manage weight and help prevent weight loss, which makes it one of the most effective PCOS natural treatments. Lack of water can be confused for hunger, which can lead you to binge, which is something someone with PCOS has to avoid.

As of drinking, enough water will help you flush out all the excess water and sodium from your body; there are lesser chances of bloating. So, if you want to be treating PCOS permanently, ensure that you begin your day with a big glass of water and try to stay hydrated throughout the day.

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7. Get Refreshed with Green Tea

Another important item that someone who is looking for how to cure PCOS naturally should have on his kitchen shelf is green tea. Green tea has various benefits for women suffering from PCOS. Let us have a look at each of them here.

First of all, green tea can play a significant role in reducing stress, which is one of the main symptoms of PCOS. Apart from stress, depression and anxiety are two other problems that women with PCOS go through. Green tea goes long way in reducing these too. The L-theanine present in this tea can calm you down and ensure that you have a beautiful day.

And it is not just your mind. Green tea also does wonders to your body. As someone with PCOS, you sure will be looking for ways to lose weight apart from how to cure PCOS naturally. Green tea performs the miracle you want here, keeping your weight in check, so you don’t grow out of your favorite jeans.

8. Treat Your Skin with Aloe Vera

Besides weight gain, another major issue that most women face and feel conscious about is acne. Those little swollen cysts that form along the jawline cannot just be painful, but also go a long way in affecting a woman’s self-esteem.

This is why another point that you may come across when researching about the myths and facts about PCOS is that you will be using a lot of ointments on your skin.

One of the PCOS natural treatments for this problem is aloe vera. This is a shrubby green plant that is quite common and readily available in India. With a range of vitamins, minerals, amino acids, and other enzymes, aloe vera can go a long way in providing healing properties and even moisturizing your skin.

Begin with taking out the gel from a leaf and cool it in the refrigerator for some time before you apply it to your face. As this gel is transparent, you can even have it on your face all day without even bothering to wash it off if you have someone at your door.

9. Have a Spoon of Apple Cider Vinegar

Apple cider vinegar is another one of the best solutions for someone who is looking for how to cure PCOS naturally. Drinking apple cider vinegar has various benefits. Having one tablespoon of ACV with 100 ml of water immediately after dinner is found to improve hormonal levels and lead to more regular menstrual cycles.

Apple cider vinegar can also help make you feel full and keep you from binging on carbs and other sweets that you need to avoid throughout the day. This makes it one of the PCOS natural treatments for patients who want to lose weight. Apart from drinking it with water, you can also use this ingredient as a tasty salad dressing.

Taking in a tablespoon of apple cider vinegar before consuming protein heavy meals can also help aid in digestion. However, you also need to ensure that this item is consumed in limited quantities as it can have major side effects too.

10. Beat the Stress

While stress is one of the symptoms of PCOS, it can also be one of the causes behind it. So, one of the important ways of treating PCOS permanently is reducing stress. But how do you do this?

While you may come across a lot of situations in your work and personal life that are likely to give you stress, you also have a lot of options when it comes to beating that stress. So, to know how to beat PCOS naturally, you first need to learn how to overcome stress too.

One of the proven ways to overcome this is meditation. Apart from helping you release stress, meditation also lowers your cortisol levels and improves your blood sugar, so there is progress on your overall health too.

Practicing yoga is another way to beat stress, especially if you are suffering from PCOS. Yoga also goes a long way in improving your reproductive hormone levels, so if fertility is one of the things you are concerned about and the reason why you are looking for how to cure PCOS naturally, yoga is one of the solutions that you can consider.

11. Sleep and Exercise

Yes, if you have come across this while reading up on the myths and facts about PCOS, remember that it’s a fact and not a myth. A right amount of sleep is significant for someone suffering from PCOS. Rest goes a long way in helping you reduce stress levels.

However, this may be difficult as women with PCOS tend to face a lot of sleep disturbances. This can be reduced by a good diet and other lifestyle adjustments like regular exercise.

You can perform some low-impact exercises that do not disrupt your hormones. Try to avoid running for long distance or training at high-intensity levels.

You can speak to your doctor before you decide on how safe it is for you to exercise and the kind of exercise that you can go for.

Final Words

Now that you know what to look for, the steps you have to take, the kind of food you have to eat and the kind of life you have to be living, start from today. Make PCOS a thing of the past and fight all its symptoms like the warrior that you are. So, from today onwards pledge to be slimmer, less stressed, healthier and bubbling with life and energy. Do not allow this disease to take over your life.


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