How to be Single and Happy: Ultimate Tips and Tricks Compilation

Isn’t it kind of impossible to answer when people ask how to be single and happy? I mean, most of the times people would say that it is nearly impossible to stay happy when you are single. But a relationship cannot be the only way to go, isn’t it?

So, this section is mainly for those people who want to rock their singlehood like never before.

10 Ideas to Rock the Singlehood

There is no other thing as liberating as the idea of staying on your own. But how to be single and happy? I have got 10 ideas which are going to boost up your morale and will inspire you to rock your single life in the best way possible until you find someone just perfect for you.

1. Never, I Repeat Never Sit for Hours on the Same Place

The first key for how to be single and happy is hidden somewhere in your basic instinct. Whether it is a brutal breakup or the realization that you have no one in your life, it forces you to think for hours.

But you know what, this is where you are going wrong. Or should I say, horribly wrong!

You are not supposed to think about what has happened or what is going to happen next. The only rule is to live your life as it comes. Sitting on the same place for hours ultimately pushes you back towards the bitter memories of past which can be really heartbreaking.

If you want to know about how to be a happy single, the first thing you need to do is to add momentum in your life. Even stagnant water starts to stink, I am sure you would not want to end up being the same.

There are so many other things to explore and watch. But before you head towards the next steps, just make sure that you follow this step very well.

2. Dare to Enjoy the Perks of Solo Travel

You must have come across many people with statements like, “Solo travel is overrated” or maybe, “solo traveling is just for boring people.”

You need to start avoiding these people right away. The liberty of your life comes quickly to you when you decide to take hold of it. You need to learn to enjoy things on your own and accept the fact that you are the sole reason for happiness in your life and no one else.

But now comes the elephant in the room that how to be single and happy?

Well, for that you need to accept who you are. If you are single then just deal with it and start exploring the things as a single person only. There are plenty of perks of traveling solo which you will only come to know once you will experience it.

And trust me, once you have tasted the essence of solo travel, you would never want to travel with someone else. You can choose a place nearby, the logic is to get out of your closed shell and rely just on yourself.

3. Pamper Yourself for the Entire Day and Do This Quite Often

How to be single and happy is a question many people are struggling to find an answer of. But to be true, the answer is hidden inside you only.

It happens quite often to people who are in a relationship that they forget to take care of themselves. And once you break up, you feel entirely ignored because you never cared about yourself. There is no selfishness in pampering yourself, in fact, it is more sort of a necessity.

So, the next step on the journey of being a happy single is to pamper yourself like you never did. Take yourself out to a salon and spend the entire day there caring for your body.

(It is not just for the girls!)

Take yourself to dine out in a fancy restaurant and eat something nice. Or just directly go for some shopping and revamp your wardrobe. There is so much fun in doing things solo too, and when you start doing these things often, you are going to realize it pretty well.

4. Start Focusing on the Other Relationships in Your Life

The only parameter defining your single life is not your romantic relationship status. In fact, you have hundreds of other relationships too, but you are so blinded to look at them.

Your parents, siblings, cousins and most importantly your friends are the people who will be there in your life forever. No matter how many breakups you go through, these people are still going to be there for you.

So, start spending more time with them. All those people you have ignored earlier, it is the time to reprimand your relationship with them. In fact, it is the time to start valuing them more than ever.

I know it sounds quite easy to lecture on how to be single and happy, but things are not that easy to carry out in real life.

But nothing is going to happen if you won’t take the necessary steps for it. It will take time for you to reconnect with these people emotionally but eventually, you will end up having amazing people back in your life.

5. Get Out of Your Comfort Zone

It is much needed to break the glass surrounding you to experience something different and heal from the past relationships of your life.

You need to change the definition of your comfort zone. Just sitting and lying around will yield you nothing. In fact, it is going to make you weaker than ever. For learning how to be single and happy, you would have to do something you have never done before.

There are multiple things for starters like –

  • Build a confidence level like never before.
  • Attempt daring things.
  • Indulge in brand new activities or join new groups.
  • Take risks in your life.

These are the things which is much needed not only for a happily single life but also for a happily successful single life.

And while you are learning to enjoy your own company, never give up on finding the right person. A bad relationship does not define the end of the world for you. In fact, it surely represents a brand new start of your life.

6. It is the Time to Learn Something New

There are countless perks of being single, and you will come to know about them once you will start looking at the brighter side of life.

To learn how to be single and happy, you would have to count the multiple perks and advantages of being a single person. Can you imagine, how much of time you will have for yourself? Plenty isn’t it?

You can finally indulge in things you always wanted to. In fact, I recommend you to join a few classes and try learning something new. As they say, there is no age of learning something. The few examples you can consider are –

  • Join a guitar class.
  • Learn a new dance form.
  • Enroll in a few online courses like programming or web development.
  • Try your hands at baking and cooking.

These were a few examples, but you have a massive list of things to try out. And you will always be proud of yourself to learn something new at an age where most people give up.

7. Make Mistakes but Don’t Dwell on Them

Being happily single does not necessarily means that you are not allowed to make mistakes in your life. In fact, you are allowed to make as many as you want but start acknowledging them too.

Once you realize your mistakes, I am sure you would never think about repeating them ever.

Some of the common mistakes that every single person do are –

  • Drunk dialing an ex
  • Trying too hard to move on
  • Always thinking about what went wrong
  • Building a new relationship not out of love but out of obligation

And the list goes on like that. The point of what I am trying to say here is that you are not supposed to be a perfect person. You can surely get emotional, and drunk dial an ex and it is pretty common too.

But what you are not supposed to do is to make the same mistake twice. I know it won’t come off easy at first, but you will learn to control yourself over a period of time. And this is what the process of how to be single and happy is all about.

8. Start Working on Your Mental and Physical Health

It is the time to focus on yourself like never before. Most people struggling with how to be single and happy tries too hard in life.

This ultimate affects not only their physical health but mental health too. Depression, anxiety, self-doubt are some of the most common issues that people face after a harsh breakup. But what can be done about it?

But now you need to think about yourself only. There is no shame in admitting your mental health issues. So, rather than being ashamed of it, you should better talk to someone about it.

Talking about your physical fitness, it automatically boosts up your mental fitness too. So, join a gym, sweat it out and start working on your body like never before. In no time, you will see the results visible in your life affecting you positively inside out.

9. Start Meeting New People

So, you have come out of your comfort zone and have become more careful about yourself. But what’s next then?

For learning, how to be single and happy, you need to learn that being single is not about being alone. These two are entirely different terms and must not be mixed up together.

You need to take part in such activities which helps you in meeting new people. It can be community work or volunteering.

It can be anything that opens you with a lot of people having likewise thinking. Life is not just about getting involved in romantic relationships only, it is also about making new friends too. You will get to learn a lot with other people’s experiences and the hard work they have put in their life.

Exploring your surroundings can be really helpful for you as a person and as a human being.

10. Guilty Pleasures of Online Dating Apps

If you have followed all these steps of how to be single and happy, you must have progressed a lot in your life. And it is the time to take the final plunge towards the happiness of your life.

However, if you are someone looking for tips on how to remain single and happy, then the final step it not for you.

But if you are someone who wants to give another chance to his love life, then you must not shy away from the game of online dating. Break the perception that every other person is the same and they are also going to leave you alone.

Instead, take control of your life and start dating again. The guilty pleasures of online dating apps are going to help you in meeting new people and getting connected with them. It might come as quite tricky in the start, but it is something much needed to get over you lousy phase of your life.

But do not hurry to date someone and you should take time to understand them well. I am sure you would not want to commit the same mistakes again.

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Final Words

I don’t know whether the idea of being single is okay or not but I think it is way  better than being in a suffocating and toxic relationship. If you are someone who is wondering that how to be single and happy then you should go through this section thoroughly and work on the little things in your life.

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