Full sun in Corsica: 7 stops to stay cool

One summer, Corsica lavishes its legendary warmth, between the burning rays of the sun and translucent waters at 28 °. It benefits all the better that we can easily afford breaks fresh. Here are 7 …
1. Diving in Marine Nature Reserves

One bites a head in the blue waters that surround the island on all sides. Better still, there is a snorkeling or scuba diving session in one of the Marine Nature Reserves, from the Cerbical Islands to the Lavezzi Islands, through the Finocchiarlo Archipelago, Scandola or Bonifaccio. The big Blue.

2. Chew in refreshing fruit

The local production of summer fruit offers incomparable taste and freshness. Peaches, nectarines, apricots, fresh figs, plums, grapes or cherries are deliciously served.

3. Walk around the rivers

Corsica is crossed by numerous streams and rivers, whose bed allows sometimes the passage on horseback and often the frank bathing. Less frequented than the beach, there are everywhere on the island waiting for visitors looking for calm and freshness.

4. Take refuge in churches

The island is full of religious buildings, witnesses of Corsican fervor: churches, convents, oratories, chapels … There are for example no less than 150 chapels in the 18 towns of Cap Corse! What to collect … and take the cost.

5. Sheltering in the forest

Between sea and mountains, Corsica has many surprises in the heart of its many forests. Beautiful and populated with multiple species, they deliver their secret (and their shade in the summer!) To the walker, the naturalist or the experienced hiker. Bonifatu, Ospedale, Piana and many more … It’s up to you.

6. Take a break in a sheepfold

The sheepfolds enjoy a place of choice within the Corsican heritage. Simple or ultra-luxurious, they welcome for a lunch or a stay. Always safe from centuries old dry stones.

7. Paddle at sunset


We enjoy the serenity found on the most accessible beaches to paddle on a sea of oil at sunset. The air is sweet, the sky is burning and we are running on a board in the evening languor … Divine!

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