Disadvantages of Being Single and How to Win Over them

Let’s be honest and talk about the disadvantages of being single. Being single or being in a relationship is solely the choice of the person concerned but what if you are forced to be single? A sudden heartbreak or brutal breakup can entirely break you from inside and brings a lot of issues with it.

Here, we will talk about the real disadvantages of being single and that probably no one talks about.

8 Disadvantages of Being Single

Here are the 8 disadvantages of being single which are not just another copy pasted stuff but something I genuinely believe in. You are going to find it relatable and very much seen either in your friends’ life or in yours. So, here you go!

1. Depression

One of the most common and widely seen disadvantages of being single is the feeling of being in depression all the time. Although some people might not even be depressed in reality. However, the constant realization that you have no one by your side emotionally and romantically is actually quite horrifying.

We can surely blame social media for it. Single people start comparing their lives with those ones who are in a relationship and realize that how empty their life is.

However, nobody knows the reality behind happy pictures at all. This is not something every single person would relate to, but those people who have gone through a breakup would surely do.

This can be actually quite heartbreaking for those people who are emotionally vulnerable and finally everything leads to the phase of depression.

2. Constant Loneliness

Now, this is one of those disadvantages of being single for which you can blame the person himself. The reality is when you are sad, you try to create situations which can make you feel even more depressed and emotional wreck. Finally, you end up being isolated from all.

Unlike the general perception, the feeling of loneliness is just a phase and lasts until you let it last in your life.

Of course, it feels like hell to become single after a happy relationship, and you do feel lonely, but you are the one who can break this phase on your own. Single people try to become emotionally unavailable, and the introvert behavior keeps their feelings hidden in their heart.

They just need to talk to people like their family and friends and no doubt the feeling of loneliness is not going to last that long.


Being a millennial, I am sure you would be really known with the term FOMO or Fear of Missing Out. All thanks to social media and constant uploads on Instagram, you actually feel like you are missing out on a lot of things especially when you are single.

Well, these are the pros and cons of being single, and you just cannot remain unaffected by them. Suddenly, every other photo on Facebook or Instagram is of couples or people getting engaged or married or being proposed to.

And you feel really pissed off looking at all these pictures that how come you are the only single person in your friends’ group.

So, my advice is to stop living a virtual life and start living a real one. It is your only way to get over the feeling of FOMOing.

4. People Start Asking You for Weird Favors

You would have to agree with me for such kind of disadvantages of being single. I mean, people can be actually really mean towards you when you are single. Suddenly they start asking you for favors like babysit my child or can you pick me up from here and stuff like that.

And you cannot even say no to these people because you once hung out with them. Nobody would invite you to couple’s party, and you are going to feel like super ignored.

But that is what singlehood comes with. Of course, you can get out of it super easy just by saying a straight no, but this is going to be super rude. Anyway, this is what single life comes with, and you would have to learn to deal with it.

5. Unwanted Sympathy

People would start giving you sympathy which you do not even need. Probably one of the most annoying disadvantages of being single is to bear the weird advice and unwanted emotional support some people offer to you.

However, at last, you become the third wheel of someone else’s relationship just because they wanted to give you some company.

This is really frustrating, and sometimes you cannot even say it to anyone as they are just trying to help you out in this. But people do not even realize that by repeating the same thing again and again, they are only hurting you more with it.

6. The Family Pressure

Here comes another addition to the adverse effects of being single. Your family is undoubtedly going to go crazy over your single label, and you are going to go mad after their behavior.

They can even try to set you up with someone especially when you are in your late 20s or early 30s.

And it can be nerve-wracking for you to handle all these things. Your family would be always worried about your single status and can even ask you whether you are homosexual or not. You are going to have really tough times making them understand everything.

7. You cannot Talk Your Heart Out with Someone

This is what brings the disadvantages of being single that you actually feel someone’s absence in your life all the time. Although you are always surrounded by friends, family members, colleagues, and many other people but not the one you want.

Sometimes, you just cannot even talk your heart out with someone, and it can be really suffocating for you to feel like that.

Most of your friends will be committed with someone, and you won’t even feel like talking to them about your issues. Single life can be a struggle sometimes, isn’t it?

8. Physical Needs

One of the most heartbreaking disadvantages of being single for many people is the complete shut-down on their physical needs. And it is something massive too!

In fact, some people even see withdrawal symptoms out of the lack of cuddling in their life. But if you have chosen the single life you would have to accept that sex is not going to be a common thing for you from now onwards.

This is what single life is all about, you can even go for months without fulfilling your physical needs. Scary, isn’t it?

9. The Lack of Self-Care

I have seen a lot of people who went from “Wow” to “Oh No” after a brutal breakup. But have you wondered that what can be the possible reasons behind it?

The most common type of disadvantages of being single is the lack of self-care people adopt in their life. They stop dressing up and going out. They just stop noticing themselves and appreciating what they do.

This is what makes them extraordinarily vulnerable to the pains of single life, and the result can be seen in their depression and sad faces.

How to Win Over the Disadvantages of Being Single and Lead a Happy Life?

Of course, there are legit disadvantages of being single, but there is no such thing which cannot be cured. You can actually become a happy and cheerfully single person with just the little tips and tricks.

All you have to do is just gain enough confidence in yourself, and you can actually be happy whether single or in a relationship. For more, read these simple hacks below.

1. Participate in Social Activities

You must learn to accept that you are the sole reason behind your happiness and no one else can derive it for you. Once you get comfortable with who you are, then you can move on to get mingled with other people as social peers.

You can participate in a lot of community and fun events or can volunteer yourself into various social welfare programs. It can be a really enlightening experience for yourself.

You are the one who can change your life and no one else. So, accept your singlehood the way it is. And read these “Happy Single Quotes” to feel more positive in your life.

2. Start Living Your Hobbies

It is finally the time when you can actually be who you are. You can live all your hobbies and try out different things that you always wanted to but could never do.

If there are lots of disadvantages of being single, there are surely some benefits too. You have a lot of time to spend by yourself, but you must spend it wisely. In such a situation, you end up having two options –

Either cry out for the entire day over what has happened.


Determine to make most out of your free time.

The choice is yours whether you want to become a better person or just want to repent on the past.

3. Embrace Your Own Company

In order to cop up with the disadvantages of being single, you first need to learn to embrace your singlehood the most.

It is entirely pointless to create a fictional world in your head where the two of you are still together. You need to debunk this myth that you can patch up again and start moving on in your life.

For this, you can start enjoying things on your own. It can be anything like shopping, eating out, roaming around malls, walking in parks, etc. Create a positive environment and love the way you are. Make peace with singlehood and singlehood will make peace with you.

4. Stop Looking Back in the Past

There is literally no point of keep on remembering what has happened in the past. As for the modern life breakup, stop looking at the pictures you two have, stop rereading those texts and stop stalking him/her on social media.

This is one of the most appropriate ways to get over the disadvantages of being single. You must learn to look forward to the future instead of being stuck in the past.

For starters, block him/her from every single social media platform. Block their number on Whatsapp too. Instead, start planning for your upcoming life and make better choices for your career.

5. Prioritize Your Mental and Physical Health

You are more likely to worsen your mental as well as physical health out of singlehood especially when you have just gone through a painful breakup. Of course, there are disadvantages of being single, but you can surely bounce back to become a better version of yourself.

Single life brings various issues with it like the mood disorder, eating disorders, depression, anxiety and a lot more.

It can ruin your physical as well as mental health massively. But a bit of precaution and self-care can help you to win over your issues. Join a gym and start your journey of becoming fitter and healthier. You would not even believe, but an improvement in your physical health boosts your mental health too.

It can be such a path-breaking experience for you, and this single life can teach you a lot of such things and skills that you never even thought of.

These were a few ideas to get over with the issues of a single life. But if you want a detailed study on it, then you can check out the section of “How To Be Single And Happy” and know more about it.

Final Words

To be true, the disadvantages of being single depends upon two aspects in your life. Whether you have chosen singlehood by yourself or you have gone through a severe break-up.

But you just cannot give away yourself to the loneliness and dark phase of your life. You can surely find the light at the end of the tunnel, no matter what.

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