Different Ways to Style a Plain Black T-Shirt

In order to make most of your wardrobe, girls really need to learn to style a plain black t-shirt in multiple ways. Plain t-shirts of various colors are an essential wardrobe staple as you have so many ideas to experiment with the styling and to create different looks. This section is going to help you for the same.

10 Ways to Style a Plain Black T-Shirt

I know girls, sometimes you just cannot afford to buy one more dress and month end can be really cruel too. So, instead of spending on new clothes, simply create new styles with the help of just one simple black t-shirt. Here are the 10 styles you can try out.

1. An All Black Ensemble


There is no way someone can beat the power of a black T-Shirt paired in an all-black ensemble. You just need to use the right weapons for your rescue. And make sure to use a good quality pure black t-shirt for it.

Combination – Black T-shirt + Black Jeans + Black Heels + Black Overcoat (optional)

For some major fashion inspiration, you can check out this amazing black T-shirt from Amazon which looks super cool and the price remains in your budget.

Jockey Women’s Plain T-Shirt

2. Wear With a Distressed Jeans


While you are thinking about ways to style a plain black T-Shirt, you cannot ignore the current trends of fashion too. Distressed jeans are so in and you can find them in multiple colors. However, the classic blue shades remain the favorite of everyone.

Combination – Black T-shirt + Blue heavily Distressed Jeans + Boots

Wondering what kind of distressed jeans would go with it? You can check out this amazing option from Amazon given right below.

Nifty Women’s Distressed Jeans

3. Use a Smart Blazer/Coat


Now you can style a plain black T-Shirt and give major chic and stylish vibes too. Balancing the amount of style and sass in your clothing is really important in order to stand out in the current trends. There are different kind of combinations you can use for this type of styling.

Combination – Black T-Shirt + Solid colored Blazer + Basic Jeans

You can decide the footwear on your own as each one have their own taste and preference. For blazer inspiration, check out this option from Amazon.

Women’s Pink Folding Sleeves Blazer

4. Pair with a Scarf


If you are someone like me who always wonder that how to style a plain t-shirt or some other clothing in the minimal way possible then this styling hack is just for you. All you need to do is just wrap around a scarf on your neck while wearing the plain black t-shirt.

Combination – Black t-shirt + Printed Scarf + Jeans of your Choice

It will add a Boho-chic vibe to your overall look and you will be ready for the day. Check out this amazing scarf from Amazon for some help.

White Printed Scarf for Women

5. Wear with a Pencil Skirt


Wondering how to style a plain black T-Shirt with your workwear? No worries because it is going to go pretty well with a pencil skirt. You can fit it will by tucking inside the skirt and keep the level of skirt right on your midriff.

Combination – Black T-shirt + Pencil Skirt of bright color + Black Pumps

A bright colored pencil skirt will add a different kind of vibe to your overall look. Check out this pencil skirt from Amazon for it –

Maroon High Waisted Skirt for Women

6. High-Waisted Jeans


High-waisted jeans are back in trend and so is the idea that how to style a plain black T-Shirt with well-fitted high-waisted jeans. You need to make sure to buy the most basic pair of high-waisted denim which must fit you well without having to wear any belt.

Combination – Black T-Shirt + Blue High Waisted Jeans + White Sneakers

There are hundreds of amazing high-waisted jeans available on Amazon. But I picked these ones, check it out from the link given below –

Women’s Slim Fit Jeans

7. Overalls


No matter what people say, overalls are never going to go out of fashion. And you really need to learn to stylize a plain black t-shirt with it. This is definitely the most comfortable look you can go for.

Combination – Knotted Black T-Shirt above your Waist + Overalls (one size large from yours) + Sneakers

Wondering where to buy comfy and super-cool overalls online? Check out this one from Amazon through the link given below –

Broadstar Women’s Denim Overall

8. Oversized Flannel


To be true, I would just raid my brother’s wardrobe and pick a cool and funky looking shirt of him to style a plain black T-Shirt of mine with it. This is just the perfect look for going errands and doing some street shopping.

Combination – Black T-shirt + Borrowed shirt from your brother/ flannel + Moccasins

Check out this cool flannel from Amazon to complete your styling.

Forthery Women’s Lightweight Plaid Shirt

9. Pair with Shorts


Beat the heat of summer by learning to style a plain black T-Shirt with your everyday shorts. The hack is pretty simple but will add a carefree and cool vibe to your overall look. Plus, it does not even need any additional efforts too.

Combination – Black T-shirt + High Waisted shorts + Wedges

You can also go for mid-wasted shorts too according to your own sense of comfort and styling. Take a look at this cool high-waisted shorts I would recommend from Amazon.

Pepe Jeans Women’s Cotton Shorts

10. Trouser and Some Accessories


These are the kind of styling ideas for a plain black t-shirt which can be worn on multiple occasions. You just need the right confidence to pull off the kind of combination. Trousers give very professional vibes while a chunky neckpiece will add some flares to your personality.

Combination – Black T-shirt + Striped Trouser + Chunky Neckpiece + Stilettoes

Check out this Trouser from Amazon – Vero Moda Women’s Straight Pants

Final Words

If you have more ideas on how to style a plain black t-shirt then you can write to us about it. Do not forget to check out the clothing suggestions I picked from Amazon for you guys. Simply, click on the link provided in the section to get on the Amazon site.