Cities Like Venice (Because You Know It’s Overrated)

Beautiful works of architecture and famous tourist attractions are what we all enjoy seeing. However, there comes a time when what we want to do on our holiday is to enjoy some peace amid nature.

Venice with its romantic boat rides is one of the first cities that comes to mind when we think of this. Is this true in your case? If yes, here are ten cities like Venice that promise you a similar kind of fun. Read on to know about them:

1. Amsterdam in Netherland

Amsterdam is a city next only to Venice when it comes to cities with the most number of canals which are over 200. The canal boat tours are, in fact, one of the best ways of exploring Amsterdam. The canals symbolize Amsterdam’s beautiful culture and historical value.

The next thing that you are going to love about Amsterdam is its undeniably liberal attitude which you will find when you visit the Red Light District.

If you are a lover of coffee, Amsterdam has various coffee shops. Coffee shops have been a part of Amsterdam’s culture since the 1970s. The coffee shops have a relaxed atmosphere, and a lot of them even have bars and pubs.

And for bikers, Amsterdam has a lot of streets that are ideal for biking. Cars are not allowed in such streets, which makes bikes the only way to commute.

So, yes, if Venice tourism has been the only thing on your mind, perhaps this is one of the cities like Venice that you would like to consider.

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2. Bruges in Belgium

Another one of the many destinations like Venice is Bruges. Bruges is known as the Venice of the North because of its numerous canals and bridges. The canals in Bruges are one of the best ways to explore the many beautiful views of the city like its picturesque bridges and secret gardens.

Beer lovers are sure to have a great time in Bruges. The 2be Beer Wall is a funky bar and museum where you will come across various types of beer. And if you want to explore the local beer, Ribs ‘N’ Beer is where you can go.

And it is not just beer lovers that Bruges is going to please. Chocolate lovers are also sure to have a good time in this city. Yes, chocolates are available in Bruges with much more choices than you can imagine. So yes, if you are a chocolate lover looking for cities like Venice, you know exactly where you should go.

3. Annecy in France

While Bruges is known as the Venice of the North, Annecy is known as the Venice of France, which already explains to you why it is one of the many cities like Venice mentioned here. So, if you thought Paris is the place to visit in France, if canals are what you love, Annecy is the city you should consider.

Thanks to the Lac d’Annecy, the Thiou river, and some canals, Annecy promises the romantic soul a lot of boat rides where you can admire this old city with its historical buildings, cafes and pretty pastel-colored buildings that are so commonly found there. These elements make it one of the great alternatives to Venice.

And it’s not just boating that you can enjoy in Annecy. Cycle lovers are sure to have great fun riding around the perimeter of the lake Annecy.

4. Bangkok in Thailand

While Bruges is the Venice of the North and Annecy is the Venice of France, Bangkok is the Venice of the East. So, if you are looking for cities like Venice that you can visit in Asia, this one’s for you.

Exploring the canals of Bangkok means relaxing on one of the many long tail boats that are easily found going to and from different stations. Boating in Bangkok is one of the best ways to know more about the communities around the city. And the boats are cheap.

If you like boating, the floating markets in Bangkok are another thing you would like to explore. Here you can purchase items like veggies, fresh tropical food, and even local food.

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5. St. Petersburg in Russia

Like Bruges, St. Petersburg in Russia is also known as the Venice of the North. The range of choices that you have when it comes to boating makes St. Petersburg in Russia one of the many cities like Venice that you will want to consider on your next trip.

You can choose anything from small private launches to multi-level river cruisers. The boats in St. Petersburg follow specific tried and tested routes along the rivers and canals of this city.

Apart from its various canals and boat tours, St. Petersburg is also famous for its many palaces, parks, churches, cathedrals, and museums. In other words, if you want to know more about cities like Venice where you can also enjoy a lot of sightseeing, St. Petersburg in Russia is an excellent choice for you.

6. Stockholm in Sweden

Stockholm is the coastal capital of Sweden that is spread across 14 islands. A ride along the canals of Stockholm will help you discover a lot about the exciting history of this city. You will come across a lot of historical buildings, museums, and greenery too.

Yes, Stockholm gives you a range of day cruises and various kinds of boat tours that you can choose from. You don’t need a better reason for why this is one of the many cities like Venice that you need to add in your list, do you?

Cycle lovers, you have another holiday destination to add to your list. Stockholm is one of the best cities for cycling. The town has a range of bike lanes that you can enjoy riding on.

Another thing that Stockholm is famous for is museums. So, if you are the kind that likes visiting places to admire paintings and other objects that are on display, Stockholm is one of the places like Venice that you may want to go to.

7. Copenhagen in Denmark

They say one of the best ways to explore Copenhagen is by boat along one of the canals. For this, you can go for a traditional tour boat, a romantic gondola like Venice, solar energy powered boat or if you are feeling adventurous, a kayak.

Yes, the opportunities are endless when it comes to boating in Copenhagen. This is enough to make you see how it is one of the many cities like Venice.

After boating, the next best way of exploring Copenhagen is cycling, so cyclists here is another choice for you in your list of cities like Venice.

Two of the best times to visit Copenhagen are during Christmas and New Year, so if you have planned your holiday to Venice at this time of the year, maybe you should get it changed to Copenhagen.

These holidays are when the city is in its full festive mood, with white lights on Christmas trees unlike in other countries and Christmas markets with wholesome gifts that you can shop for.

8. Tigre in Argentina

No, Europe is not the only continent you get to choose from in your hunt for cities like Venice over the world. Tigre in Argentina is the Little Venice of South America. The place has a rustic feel with canals, houseboats and a range of Regency-style buildings that you can admire.

Boating along the rivers and canals of Tigre will give you a view of the flora, fauna, local people and in short, the remarkable island life of this place.

Apart from boating, you can also enjoy a range of other water sports in Tigre. You can go canoeing, kayaking, river rafting or even fishing in the waters of Tigre.

9. Fort Lauderdale in Florida

Fort Lauderdale contains over 300 miles of canals, and this is why it is known as the Venice of America. You have river cruises, water taxis, gondolas and various kind of water tours that you can choose from according to your liking and comfort.

If you are in the mood to go through the nooks and corners of the city, the gondola is an excellent choice for you, as the boat is small enough to make this possible.

On the other hand, if you want to spend some fun time in the water where you can hop in and out to explore shops and restaurants, the water taxis are what you should take.

10. Giethoorn in Netherland

Netherland gives you another name in your list of cities like Venice over the world. If you want to go for a quiet holiday where you can spend some quiet time amid nature and surround by water, Giethoorn is the perfect holiday destination for you.

It is for this reason that Giethoorn is known as Dutch Venice. Here you can gently glide along small canals as you admire the old and pretty thatched roof farmhouses that you will come across.

This place is known to have no roads. The only mode of transportation here is boats.

Final Words

So, now that you know the various options that you have as someone looking for a romantic holiday surrounded by water, you can make a perfect choice based on what your needs are.

Consider the things that you want from your holiday apart from boat rides, and when it comes to boat rides, how would you like to enjoy it and you would soon be able to make a perfect decision.

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