Best Places to Visit in the World


Looking for the best places to visit in the world to feed your wanderlust soul? You must take a look at this section comprised of some of the most breathtaking sites containing picturesque locations and soul-soothing environment. The world is definitely your oyster when it comes to discovering the hidden beautiful gems in it.

Top 15 Places to Visit in the World

This is just impossible to find the most amazing and most beautiful places to visit and that too all around the globe. So, instead of picking hundreds of them, I just handpicked 15 of the most sought-after places in the world and put them together in this section for all you people.

15. Borneo, Southeast Asia


Third largest island in the world, Borneo definitely deserves to be in the list of best places to visit in the world. What makes this place special is that the area of Borneo is divided into 3 parts which are ruled by three different countries.

This place is rich in terms of wildlife and beautiful landscapes of nature. The places you can visit in Borneo are Gunung Mulu National Park, Tanjung Puting National Park, Mount Kinabalu and more.

Borneo is a treat for those people who want to explore rainforests and nature from a close-up view. Borneo definitely gives great competition to Amazon rainforest with its versatile wildlife and breathtaking landscapes.

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14. Jackson Hole, Wyoming

jackson hole

Jackson Hole is basically a valley situated between Teton Mountain Range and the Gros Ventre Range. It is one of the best tourist places in the USA and provides the experience of gazing at stunning scenery all around it. Best time to visit this place is in September and October.

Although a lesser known place but this also adds as a USP of this place as you will find lesser crowd here. With mountains surrounding this valley and rivers by open planes looks like no less than a dream.

The experience of visiting Jackson Hole is going to be quite like Borneo because of the wildlife here but they both surely have completely different sceneries to cherish.

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13. Saint Lucia, West Indies

st. lucia

It was next to impossible to not include a Caribbean Island into this list of the best places to visit in the world. I chose this one from 7000 Caribbean islands that it because it gives the best view and this particular island brings everything together that any tourist would want.

In fact, you can find numerous amazing hotels around this place to soak the ocean in your heart in the best way possible.

You can find some of the most gorgeous beaches out here and the same beauty lies within the deep blue water of the ocean with rich sea-life. And finally, the mountains surrounding the entire place makes a view of a lifetime for the tourists visiting here.

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12. The Maldives, South Asia


You can never get rid of the tropical places when it comes to counting down the most fun places to go. Be it for a honeymoon or a quick trip or a family vacation or something else, the Maldives seems to be just the right choice for all of these.

You have so many things to do out here like water sports, cruise riding, take a dive, spend some time in the spa of your resort/hotel or just sit by the beach.

The white sand beaches in the Maldives are simply unique and apart from all, you must experience the pleasure of staying at one of those water villas out there.

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11. New Zealand, Southwestern Pacific Ocean


This is the time to experience some adventure and this is why I chose New Zealand in this list of the best places to visit in the world. Apart from all, I am sure you would not want to miss the “Middle Earth” from The Lord of the Rings series, right?

The scenery in New Zealand is totally unspoiled by humans and looks quite surreal. This is surely what dreams are made up of where you walk on a long trail surrounded by beautiful mountains covered in snow.

From the point of view of cultural diversity, New Zealand is quite welcoming this much that you would never want to come back from there.

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10. Munnar, India


Munnar is the most visited hill station in India and this beauty in the hills of Kerala is just so enchanting and peaceful. What makes it one of the most attractive places to visit in the world is its tea plantation and untouched natural beauty.

From widespread greenery to magical spells of waterfalls out here, the place resembles modern heaven for sure.

The climate in Munnar usually remains pleasant and you can find a number of amazing resorts and hotels out here for the stay. You can also experience various adventure activities or simply enjoy the authentic food out there. Munnar would surely not disappoint you in terms of a perfect stay.

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9. Park City, Utah

park city

No matter whether it is summer or winter, Park City always remains one of the best places to visit in the world. This is also a popular ski destination in the USA but that does not make it any less special in summers too. The beauty of this place remains the same throughout the year.

Park City is a perfect escape from the struggling life as you can enjoy a number of outdoor activities out here like snowboarding, fly-fishing, dog sledding and many more.

The place is quite rich culturally too and you can enjoy some amazing local activities as well as local food out here. The place is definitely worth your visit at least once in your life.

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8. Prague, Czech Republic


It is actually quite shocking to know that Prague is not on the list of many travelers’ bucket list. There is no doubt in the fact that it is one of the most beautiful places in the world looks straight out of a fairy tale. Interestingly, this place is quite affordable too making it just perfect for budget travelers.

The city looks like a walking showcase of stunning architecture and the colorful buildings here adds up to its beauty even more.

Another amazing thing about Prague is its local delicacies which are just mouth-watering. So, while you are in Prague, its fine dining with an enchanting view for sure.

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7. Myanmar, Southeast Asia


What makes Myanmar/ Burma one of the best places to visit in the world is its powerful peace and the way that it detoxes your body from all the wild thoughts. From spending time in beautiful Pagodas in Yangon to boat riding in Inle Lake, this country is all about nature and culture.

The locals out here are quite supportive and friendly in nature and they will totally help you to find your way if you are lost.

Most importantly, the country is superbly affordable and hence you must buy something as a memorial from here. The weather remains cool and pleasant mostly and hence you can wander around at any given time.

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6. Ecuador, Northwestern South America


Ecuador is definitely one of the most fun places to go. This is a land of happening vibes with mountains, wildlife, and beautiful greenery, Ecuador is an exact mirror image of what we call an adventure. It gives very old-school vibes with wonderful architecture and laid-back style.

And how can we forget about the amazing Galapagos islands, this is definitely the most common reason to visit Ecuador.

The best part of Ecuador is that you can visit it any time of the year as the weather remains mostly pleasant and spring-like all the time. In fact, the place creates a perfect balance between two farthest points of mountains and beaches which is definitely the dream of every visitor.

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5. Banff, Canada


To be true, Banff is all about the Banff National Park and this is what attracts the visitors from all across the globe here. It is quite like an entire world within this perimeter and hence you must include Banff in your bucket list of the best places to visit in the world.

Banff National Park is breathtakingly beautiful and larger than your imagination. Located in Alberta it contains a picturesque place of Moraine Lake surrounded by snowy mountains which are going to remain stuck in your heart forever.

Apart from so many lakes, there is a rich wildlife in this park but you must be lucky enough to spot them. If you are someone who is just crazy about discovering nature then this place is a must for you.

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4. Neuschwanstein, Germany

neuschwanstein castle

I won’t lie but I picked this place just because of the Neuschwanstein Castle and after looking at the pictures you will come to know that why it is one of the most beautiful places in the world. In fact, this castle is so beautiful that it inspired the Disney’s Castle in Sleeping Beauty.

This is actually quite hard to believe that such places even exist in the world. Built by King Ludwig II, this castle welcomes app. 1.5 million tourists every year.

So, if you are visiting this castle do not forget to visit another one by its side called Hohenschwangau as both of them are an excellent example of stunning architecture.

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3. Namibia, Southern Africa


Africa is home to some of the best places to visit in the world and Namibia is one of them. Unlike the popular belief, Namibia is not just about the rich wildlife and exotic places but something more than that. Although it is true that the wildlife out here is just fascinating.

Contrary to other places which host lush green forests, Namibia invites you to witness its enchanting desert which makes a scenery straight out of your imagination.

Other things you can do in Namibia are going camping, hiking, explore the city, and do not forget to drink one of the best beer in the world out here. And while you are exploring this place, I am sure you will end up having hundreds of Instagram worthy pictures from here.

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2. Petra, Jordan



Petra is by far the best tourist places in the world with people coming from all across the globe to gaze at the ancient architecture and stunning sandstone formations. The place pours beauty from every inch of it. With rosy sandstones and vast view from the cliffs, your Instagram will be filled with some gorgeous pictures of Petra.

This place looks even more magnificent at night with thousands of candles lighted in the Petra Night Show.

In fact, Petra is yet to unveil more of its ancient architecture as only 15% of its structures has been discovered till now. Petra is a place which will surely send chills down your spine with its surreal ambiance.

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1. Salar de Uyuni, Bolivia

salar de Uyuni

And the first position of this list of the best places to visit in the world is secured for a really unique place called Salar de Uyuni situated in Bolivia. Also known as World’s Largest Mirror, the place sure looks as if it belongs to some other planet.

In reality, the place is nothing but a vast and even deposit of white salt all over. In fact, when you reach in the middle of this vast land, you are going to feel as if there is nothing else in the world except this white layer.

However, the place is not that flat and even all around and you can find places in Salar which are now destructed because of the mass-tourism here.

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Final Words

What makes them some of the best places to visit in the world is not their huge infrastructure or larger than life living standards. In fact, the beauty of nature and the solace one can find is what makes them something out of the box. And in this struggling life, one must take some time out for themselves and soothe their soul through nature’s beauty.