50+ Happy Single Quotes for the People Who Don’t Give a Damn

Isn’t single life amazing? And to celebrate it, even more, I have got happy single quotes for you. There should not be any shame in being the master of your own life. Maybe, companionship is not for everyone and who cares if it isn’t.

So, rather than being depressed about your singlehood, celebrate it with the fantastic quotes given right below.

  1. Being single does not indicate your lack of options but your choice of being the master of your own life.

Celebrate the joy of being single with these kinds of single status on your social media handles. Let the others know that you are happy and not vulnerable.

  1. Single life is one of those opportunities which blesses you with the chance to prove yourself all on your own.
  2. I do not want the tag taken stapled on me, I am not an asset, I am the luxury you cannot afford to take.
  3. I am single not because people didn’t choose but because I didn’t accept them.
  4. The next time you feel alone and isolated, always remember that Lion never hunts in a group.

These are the kind of happy single quotes you need to cut the crap that people keep on talking about you.

  1. I am single as a Dollar, and I don’t need some pennies by my side.
  2. Being single is probably the best thing ever, you get to design your destiny in the way you always wanted to.
  3. Singlehood prepares you for the worst times of your life in the best way possible.
  4. Before you start to love someone else, you better learn to love yourself first.
  5. If you haven’t accepted yourself in your single life, then you can never be happy in a relationship.

One of the truest fact that about such happy single quotes is that they actually tell you the perfect idea of self-worth and self-love.

  1. The best part of about maintaining your single status is that you get to experience what it’s like to be the real version of yourself.
  2. No, I am not emotionally unavailable, I am just emotionally selective.
  3. In the race of wanting to be in a relationship, I could never realize that how liberating it is to be by yourself.
  4. If you want to work hard, work on yourself, and you are going to see some unbelievable results then.
  5. Nothing is better than being a happy single rather than being into a false relationship.

It might seem challenging to lead a single life initially, but once you realize how peaceful it is, I am sure you would never want a relationship.

  1. Having a partner is not the only goal of life, just look around and thank god that you have a fantastic family and superb friends by your side.
  2. Someone who has tasted freedom would never ask for the flavor of a relationship.
  3. If your love is caging you, you better live single because this feeling of setting yourself free is just amazing.
  4. People say being single is overrated, this is because they never had the courage to become one.
  5. Replace the board on your heart from “always available” to “do not disturb” and see the magic on your own.

Always being available for people lead them to take you for granted. Change the game with happy single quotes and do not pay heed to what others say.

  1. If you want to be mature and responsible, do it for yourself and not for someone else.
  2. Ever felt like being pampered, buy yourself some gifts, dine out and take care of that body because you are precious for yourself.
  3. Those who cannot achieve something always mock others for having it, for example, Singlehood.
  4. Spend your money on yourself only, you worked hard for it, and no one else deserves it as much as you do.
  5. Give away yourself to loneliness, and you will come out as the true warrior.

Fight the loneliness with these happy single quotes and come out as the ultimate champion of the singlehood.


  1. Before you find yourself a partner, have you ever considered finding yourself first?
  2. The disease of infidelity can only be cured by being single.
  3. Being single does not define what you are afraid of commitment, in fact, it proves that you are the most committed person for your dreams.
  4. The pain of a broken heart can be healed, but the pain of being in a fake relationship cannot be treated until you get out of it.
  5. If you want to love someone, then choose yourself first.

The best quotes for singles are those which are empowering and positive, I am sure this one is also one of like those.

  1. Your single status does not dictate that you could not find someone, it shows that you had the patience to wait for the right one.
  2. Thank the god each day that he kept you safe for the one who really deserves your heart.
  3. Never underestimate the power of one, you might not move mountains, but you can surely move people’s heart.
  4. Happy single life is based on two things, first is self-love and second is self-belief.
  5. There is a huge difference in being single and being lonely. The first makes you stronger while the second one makes you weaker than ever.

Never underestimate the power of being on your own. These happy single quotes are something which reminds you of the same.

  1. When you choose the take all the control of your life on your own, then only you get to explore the real powers of your mind and soul.
  2. A single life tells the person his exact worth and his full potentials.
  3. Trust someone else, and they might break it, trust yourself, and you might make it.
  4. Never feel sorry for your single status, God probably wants you to become the strongest out of all.
  5. The pleasure of solitude is reserved for the special one who deserves.

Solitude might seem overrated, but the one who has understood the power of happy single quotes will never defy the authority of one.

  1. Don’t settle for someone random, instead start enjoying your own company as it will never disappoint you.
  2. Life teaches you the most significant lesson by breaking your heart as you learn to trust yourself the most and not someone else.
  3. You do not have to feel pity for me, I was not forced to live this life, I chose to be single and happy on my own.
  4. A single life broadens your horizon of hopes and opportunities, feel blessed to have it.
  5. I will prefer to be single and alone than to be committed and taken for granted.

If you are looking for perfect being single status for your social media platforms, I am sure this one won’t disappoint you.


  1. Being single is a clear indication that your love story might not be in the making, but your success story surely is.
  2. It is only after a breakup that you realize that you were better single.
  3. I do not need someone to praise me, I already love myself enough and know my worth.
  4. If you ever doubt your status of single, just remember how much pain you had in your last relationship.
  5. If you want to experience the most genuine relationship, then start dating the best version of yourself.

So, while you are on a hunt of happy single quotes, why don’t you use this one and explore the perks of dating yourself.

  1. Being single does not mean that you are not good looking enough, it merely means that no one yet matched the beauty of your soul.
  2. The biggest irony of life is that you only get to understand your self-worth after a big heartache.
  3. Take your single life as an opportunity to date yourself, understand your likes and dislikes and to spend time with yourself.
  4. Being single is quite like medicine, you won’t even realize when your life became less dramatic and less stressed.
  5. Instead of wanting someone to make you happy, be Someone who makes you happier.

These happy single quotes teach you that you do not need someone else to make you feel satisfied, you alone are enough for it.

Final Words

Who says that you need someone to live a happy life? If you know how to be satisfied in your own way than you might not need anyone for the rest of your life. These happy single quotes are for the people who believe in the power of One.

I hope you guys would love these quotes and you can come up with your own ideas too. Let us know about that in the comment section.

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