15 Romantic Love Songs for Him

Winter is almost here and so is the season to dedicate love songs for him. All thanks to the music industry, we have thousands of classic and latest hits which are so romantic to fill the warmth in this cold season. But most important of all, you really need to find just the right songs for your boyfriend/husband and for that you need to check out the list given below.

1. No Ordinary Love by Sade

Full Lyrics – https://genius.com/Sade-no-ordinary-love-lyrics

The song belongs to the year 1995 but fits perfectly for the purpose of dedicating love songs for him. The story behind the song is quite unusual and completely relatable with most couples these days.

It talks about an odd couple where the girl is like a mermaid but the guy is someone who is quite serious. The song is all about believing and keeping in faith on the power of love. There is no obstacle which cannot be overcome when you believe strongly in love.

If you share such an unusual relationship with your guy then you should totally go for this song. Having something to relate with is always something to cherish.

2. All of Me by John Legend

Full Lyrics – https://genius.com/John-legend-all-of-me-lyrics

You just cannot deny the power of All of Me because this is probably one of the best songs about love. From its composing to its conceiving, everything about the song is just magical. I bet you cannot find a better option of love songs for him than this John Legend composition.

All of Me is not going to piss you off with overpowering and extra mushy lines, in fact, everything about the song is quite practical.

The song is all about maintaining your relationship by overcoming the issues and sticking by each other’s side. Well, that is what we call true love, isn’t it? A promise or a message to dedicate, whatever you call it, but this song is a total winner here.

3. Crazy Little Things Called Love by Queen

Full Lyrics – https://genius.com/Queen-crazy-little-thing-called-love-lyrics

Kind of a tribute to Elvis, this is one of those low key love songs for him which you would surely like to consider. Although it sounds more like a dedication from him to her everything is fair in love and war!

This crazy little thing called love may sound just another love song but the meaning is actually quite deep. Just like everyone else, even the singer is not able to handle this feeling.

If just like the singer, you are someone who is crazily in love with your partner then you can dedicate this song to him. Love is definitely a feeling only few can handle and this is what the song is all about.

4. Pillowtalk by Zayn

Full Lyrics – https://genius.com/Zayn-pillowtalk-lyrics

As most people would relate to, Pillowtalk is the kind of pick which is more suitable to love songs for her. But when it comes to feelings, I think it doesn’t matter who is dedicating the song to whom. To be true, the song is all about making love and passionate sex.

So, you better be ready for some goosebumps moments here. However, the song is definitely a more mature take on love.

So, while you are picking this one as the love songs for him, you must make sure to share the kind of bonding together. The song definitely touches every aspect of love inside out and hence connects strongly with anyone who is in love.

5. Unconditionally by Katy Perry

Full Lyrics – https://genius.com/Katy-perry-unconditionally-lyrics

One of the most powerful songs that I ever heard about love is Unconditionally by Katy Perry. With that strong voice, you are going to love picking it as an option of love songs for him.

There is no doubt that no relationship is perfect but if we can go beyond that then this is what unconditional love is all about. A highly relatable song for every single couple highlighting all the issues as well as perks of a relationship.

Unconditionally is definitely a promise for a girl to her guy that no matter what happens, she is going to love him unconditionally with all her heart and soul.

6. I Want to Know What is Love by Foreigner

Full Lyrics – https://genius.com/Foreigner-i-want-to-know-what-love-is-lyrics

I Want to Know What is Love is a power baled by British-American rock group Foreigner. Known to be one of the best love songs of all time, this one is definitely to consider for your guy.

According to the song, everyone has their own miseries and pain but love helps them to get over with all. Love is a medium to see the light and to bring all the joys back in life. What else can be more perfect than this option as the love songs for him?

Being such a powerful feeling, the singer wants to feel the love in its fullest and wants to get over his pain and sufferings.

7. I Will Always Love You by Whitney Houston

Full Lyrics – https://genius.com/Whitney-houston-i-will-always-love-you-lyrics

For someone who is very special to you, you would always want to let them know that how much you love them. And this is why these love songs for him to make the perfect option to express your feelings. This Whitney Houston number is to let your guy know that no matter what happens, you will always love him.

However, the song is more sort of like a breakup or maybe a temporary departure. But the feeling of love is here to stay.

It may not exactly showcase your feelings but the fact that you will always love your guy is surely depicted through it.

8. Can’t Help Falling in Love by Twenty One Pilots

Full Lyrics – https://genius.com/Twenty-one-pilots-cant-help-falling-in-love-lyrics

What makes this option under the list of love songs for him more special is the fact that it is a cover of Elvis Presley’s original song with the same title. Although sung in a male voice, but as I say when it comes to feelings you do not care much.

So, according to the song, no matter whether is a sin, but the singer is falling in love anyway. I mean, come on, nobody can win over love.

You can find some more country love songs for him like this one in our section. One thing is for sure that when you are in love, unexpected things are sure to happen.

9. Take My Breath Away by Berlin

Full Lyrics – https://genius.com/Berlin-take-my-breath-away-love-theme-from-top-gun-lyrics

Take My Breath Away is a short and sweet gesture toward someone you love with all your heart and soul. The song may be simple and goes on linearly but you are going to love picking it as one of the love songs for him.

The song is all about the time and that phase when love overpowers everything this much that it is capable of taking the breath away.

However, the song is mainly mixed emotions of imaginations and reality. It is a combination of watching someone leave and hoping them to stay. It might be hard to understand the exact feelings but no matter what you are going to enjoy the song very much.

10. A Thousand Years by Christina Perri

Full Lyrics – https://genius.com/Christina-perri-a-thousand-years-lyrics

To be true, I have adored this beautiful song for years and probably will always do the same. Every single word of this song is relatable and hence I picked it in this category of love songs for him.

You might also call it one of the best songs about love which expresses the emotions of loving someone for years to come. The urge of waiting and finally finding the one for you and the feeling of never let them go is something which is explained in it.

The amazing voice of Christina Perri and beautiful music makes it even more amazing. If you love your guy with this intensity, you cannot find a better song to dedicate to him.

11. Crazy in Love by Beyonce

Full Lyrics – https://genius.com/Beyonce-crazy-in-love-lyrics

When Queen B sings a song, you cannot help but agree on it. One such option to pick for this list of love songs for him is Crazy in Love by Beyonce. One of the most successful songs in Beyonce’s career till now, Crazy in Love is a roller coaster ride of emotions.

It is about a girl who is deeply and crazily in love with her guy. She cannot bear the separation even for a second and wondering how much love has changed her.

The song has so much of energy in it, unlike any other love song. Maybe its Beyonce or maybe the music but I am sure this is just the perfect song for you guy.

12. We Found Love by Rihanna

Full Lyrics – https://genius.com/Rihanna-we-found-love-lyrics

Another powerful voice I picked for the list of love songs for him is Rihanna. One of the bestselling singles of all time, We Found Love topped many charts and that is why picked it.

When Rihanna got your back, what can go wrong? The lyrics and the power of this song are incredible. And the fact that love happens in the most unusual situation is something every couple would relate with.

Whether it is about love songs for her or for him, these powerful singers are always there to help us. The song is just perfect to tell your partner that how much his love has changed your life for the better.

13. You Had Me from Hello by Kenny Chesney

Full Lyrics – https://genius.com/Kenny-chesney-you-had-me-from-hello-lyrics

Another pick in the list of love songs for him is You Had Me From Hello by Kenny Chesney. The song is exactly like the title where the singer is telling that how he got moved away just by a single word. Well, the song is in male voice but perfect for dedicating to your guy.

If you two share the same story then it is just the perfect song for you two. Sometimes, even a word is enough to feel the love in our hearts.

The song is so romantic and the lyrics are so meaningful. From losing your heart just by looking into someone’s eyes to constantly swooning over your partner, the song is just so full of love.

14. Crazy for You by Madonna

Full Lyrics – https://genius.com/Madonna-crazy-for-you-lyrics

Well, the name says it all and I can’t think of anything more perfect for the purpose of finding love songs for him. Although it is quite an old song, as we say old is gold, you should totally give it a try.

The song is all mushy and romantic and actually quite a long song to confess all your feelings for your guy. If you ever found it difficult to express your feelings, you must hold on and listen to this song, I am sure it is going to help you.

This is the quality of such best songs about love that they perfectly express your feelings. Madonna surely touched the chords of our heart with this song.

15. I’m Yours by Alessia Cara

Full Lyrics – https://genius.com/Alessia-cara-im-yours-lyrics

Although there is kind of dark edgy feelings attached to this song still I chose it for this list of love songs for him. This is a song where the singer is trying to resist the feeling of love because of the bad past experience.

However, in the end, it is the love that wins over everyone. The song perfectly catches up with the emotions of being in love with an uncontrollable urge.

When someone just barges into your heart and you cannot even do anything about it, the song displays all such kind of emotions perfectly.

Final Words

Come on, there is no rocket science in finding just the right love songs for him. You just need to pick those which you two can relate with. Or maybe those songs which remind you of the beautiful memories that you two have spent together. You can also consider giving him a mixtape of the songs I have suggested above.