10 tips to build a lasting love relationship

Live a beautiful love story, a lasting love relationship. It is now your wish, now that you have met a man / woman who pleases you a lot.
At first, everything is beautiful, everything is perfect. You love him, he / she loves you. You have the impression of being capable of everything.
That your love is so strong that you can take on any challenge.
But it’s not so simple. To live a healthy and stable relationship, there are different rules to respect and mistakes to avoid.
1st tip: be authentic
The first tip for a lasting relationship is simple: stay authentic, always true to yourself.
From the first appointments no false pretense. Always say what you think (but be diplomatic).
Do not fall into the trap of lying to please the other. One lie will result in dozens or even hundreds of others. The worst thing is that you will end up being unmasked.
Speak in all sincerity about things that interest you and those you do not particularly like.
If the other does not want to adapt, it is because he / she is probably not worth it.
2nd tip: do not smother the other
Even if, at first, you always want to be with him / her, it is important not to stifle the other by being too present (e).
It is essential to continue to have activities each on its own. Do not let your friends down on the pretext that you can not live a single second without being loved.
Everyone can have different interests. You then have many opportunities to make amazing discoveries.
It is essential for your personal fulfillment, but also to maintain the flame.
3rd tip: continue to seduce
Even if you are sure that you have managed to seduce him and that he / she only has eyes for you, you must never stop seducing him.
Ladies, always stay desirable and never neglected (e). Especially for your moments of intimacy, show yourself very sexy.

Gentlemen, be careful not to let yourself go. Take care of your appearance, making sure your darling is proud of you.

4th tip: Pamper your darling
Do not wait for a special occasion to surprise your lover and make him happy.
It can be tender and kind words, a candlelight dinner, an invitation to the restaurant, a romantic weekend, a nice gift.
This is to demonstrate to him with simple gestures that you hold particular to him / her.
5th tip: no to the routine!
The routine definitely has no place in your relationship. The most dangerous thing about the routine is that you do not even realize that she has settled down.
Be careful not to drown in the automatisms and habits. And above all, avoid boredom.
You can of course have your rituals, but never stop innovating through new outings, new activities, unexpected discoveries to two.
6th tip: having a fulfilling sex life
One thing is certain, sex is very important in the couple. It is very important to have a dynamic and intimate life.
It is not only about isolating yourself as much as possible, but also about constantly innovating.
Once again, the routine has no place: vary the positions, but also the places where you make love, to spice up your lovemaking.
7th tip: communicate!
Whatever the subject, communication is essential in the couple. Never stop discussing and exchanging.
In addition to sweet words and words of love, share your experiences of the day, your impressions, but also and especially your possible frustrations.
Pay attention to what your partner tells you. Long discussions are beneficial for the couple, even if it is about talking about everything and nothing.

8th tip: tell him what you have on your heart
Talk is very good. It is also important to tell him what you have on your heart. Do not hesitate to let him know that you are happy.
Likewise, tell him immediately when there is something that you do not like or who is grieving you. Tell him your feelings even if he may not like.
In this way, you prevent things from escalating.
9th tip: beware of jealousy!
Jealousy is natural, but it is not to be stifling. Do not be excessively possessive.
It’s normal to have a little heartache from time to time. On the other hand, pay attention to the sms and the phone calls throughout the day to learn about what he / she does.
You do not have to go into deep investigations because you have a little doubt.
10th tip: share projects
Finally, it is very important that you plan for the future. So do some projects together.
It can be a trip, an engagement, living together, buying an apartment … It all depends on your common desires.
This consolidates your relationship. It is also an opportunity to reassure you that he / she is planning a long-lasting love relationship with you.

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