10 Times When Virat Kohli Was Beyond Adorable

I am sure till now every girl would be crushing on Virat Kohli even after the disappointing fact that he is happily married. Bless you, Anushka Sharma!

There is literally no doubt that Virat is one lucky guy to have Anushka as his lady love. But our beautiful actress is equally blessed too. So, let’s recount the 10 times when Virat Kohli was beyond adorable.

1. When He Slammed the Haters for Targeting Anushka

When the dating rumors of Virat and Anushka were on peak and meanwhile the performance of Virat on the field started to fall. And of course, as people are, they started blaming and trolling Anushka for it. At this time Virat tweeted this picture and shut down every single troll like a boss.


Isn’t he a Gentleman?

2. When He Wished Happy Woman’s Day to His Mother and Anushka

When the world celebrated International Women’s Day Virat did the pretty much same too but with a post which later on became a viral news. He posted this collage of his mom and his love Anushka and proved the world that what matters for him the most. Talk about the balance between Pyar and Parivar, you guys!


3. When He Wore a Jersey of His Mother’s Name

Well, of course, it was a promotional activity for the new concept of Star Plus and Dhoni and Ajinkya Rahane joined in too but our eyes were glued on Virat only. Virat was seen donning this Saroj Jersey in the match.


4. When He Dedicated His Century to Anushka

This has happened before the two were married but I am talking about the test match that happened after his wedding. Virat like as usual hit a ton and this time he kissed his wedding ring and dedicated it to Anushka.

Guys, you really need to learn from him.


5. When He Changed His Instagram Profile Picture to that of His and Anushka

It was way earlier than their wedding when Virat changed his Instagram Profile Picture to that of his and Anushka. For hours, people were in utter shock with their PDA and girls were literally swooning over.

He definitely knows his PDA game very well!


6. When He Was Seen Calling Anushka (who was in the stands btw) Right After the Match

In IPLs it was a match between Royal Challengers Bangalore and Kings XI Punjab. It was just after the match that Virat came back into the team’s stands and called Anushka who was in the nearby stand. This guy just can’t do without his lady love.


7. When He Attended the Premiere of Pari (Anushka’s Movie) with Her Parents

Virat is not just a great husband but a great Son-in-Law too. While Anushka was busy shooting for her next movie Sui Dhaaga in MP, Virat took to the duties and went to attend the premiere of her movie Pari with her parents.

And he is Damad Goals too!


8. When He Was Seen Watching Wimbledon with Anushka on a Double Date with Sachin and Anjali Tendulkar

This double date of Virat-Anushka and Sachin-Anjali was literally the talk of the town for quite some days. While the men were looking dapper in 3 Piece Suit, the ladies were at their classy best. This was definitely a stealer show for the fans of Virat and Anushka.


9. When His Date to Yuvraj Singh’s Wedding was Anushka

Yuvraj Singh got married to Hazel Keech way before Virat married to Anushka. Not only that he attended the wedding with Anushka but also danced his heart out and did some bhangra with her too.

I mean, what is that thing, this guy can’t do?


10. Literally, Every time!

I am sure nobody would want to argue with me when I say Virat Kohli is freaking adorable every time he makes a public appearance. Whether it is with his team, family or on the field. This guy is definitely a crush of millions of girls out there.