10+ Fun Things to do With Your Partner to Rekindle the Love

It is the time to rekindle the love in your life by knowing about the fun things to do with your partner. There are many couples who experience a phase in life where their relationship becomes completely hollow. But I am sure if done right, there are some activities and fun things which can boost the crazy romance and love phase once again.

13 Fun Things to Do with Your Partner

I have come up with these 13 fun things to do with your partner which are super crazy and super entertaining. These activities will not only reunite you two as a couple but will also bring the lost charm in your relationship too. You just need to keep on trying until the spark strikes again.

1. Pull off an All Nighter

I know it sounds more like a teenage thing, but there is no limit to the fun stuff to do with your partner. You can actually do whatever you want to do with them, and things will indeed turn super fun.

The idea is pretty simple, and you two just need to spend a night out roaming around in the city and doing some crazy things together.

For example, you guys can go to a nearby club or maybe watch a midnight movie show together. You can also directly visit a garden together or perhaps just wait for the sunrise to watch it together.

If you are finding everything quite challenging to pull off then just spend a night at your terrace gazing at the stars. I am sure is going to be something you both will agree on.

2. Do Some Photography Together

Do not tag this activity something boring before you even try it out. If you want to do fun things with your partner, then you would really have to make up your mind for it.

Just decide a day you two are free on and then shortlist the places you want to click pictures at. The logic here is not to click pictures but to be able to visit the most beautiful sites in your city with the love of your life.

At the end of the day, you two might feel a bit tired or exhausted, but you will end up having lots and lots of amazing memories. It is definitely one of the fun things to do with your partner that you must try right away.

3. Go Double Dating

Spending time with just each other can actually make you feel a bit bored, and this is why you should try such fun things to do with your partner which are exciting. Meeting a new couple and going on a double date with them can be a fantastic idea.

You might feel a bit skeptical about it, but I am sure you guys would have so much fun trying these things out.

And rather than approaching just a random couple, you should try it with your friends. You two will get to learn a thing or two about relationships and the same applies to them also.

It is when you meet couples like you, the whole experience of relationships and dating becomes more exciting and fun than ever before.

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4. Go for Hiking Together

One of the best adventurous things to do with your partner is to go hiking with them. Not only that it refreshes your mind but also fills the much needed positive energy in your body.

And doing this activity with your partner is going to double up the fun for sure. You just need to figure out a few things like weather, essential items and of course great activewear and you are good to go then.

These fun things to do with your partner surely demand you to wake up early than usual, but when you get done with hiking, it is all worth it.

You two are going to have so much fun, and the best part is that you will be entirely away from the hustle bustle of the city life for a while.

5. Road Trip

To be true, road Trips are actually quite overrated. But I personally think that it deserves to be included in my life of fun things to do with your partner.

You ask me, why?

Well, let me start by quoting all the irritating things about it first. The ride can be exhausting, you would have to find a place to pee which is super gross and lot more other things.

But what makes it worth it?

The fact that you always travel through a general commute will make you fall in love with the road trips. Enjoying the journey with songs of your choice and a companion you love is going to make even this exhausting ride super fun for you.

You can also join a fellow couple to double up the joy.

6. Play Scavenger Hunt in Your Home

This is what I call planning fun things to do with your partner with literally no expenses at all. Your home can be your ultimate playground, you just need to use it wisely, and that’s all.

For example, take one of the favorite things of your partner and hide it somewhere in the home. Now, both of you are going to leave riddles for each other which leads you to that item eventually. The one who reaches first will be the winner.

If you want to learn how to be a happy couple, you need to value the smaller things in life and learn to enjoy them at the same time. Can you imagine that even your lovely abode can be turned into something so fun for you?

I think you should definitely try out this one.

7. Learn Something New Together

I know this one is going to be a time taking process, but it is definitely worth trying. Such fun things to do with your partner are a constant process, and if you want to be a part of it, then you would have to keep patience.

There are hundreds of new things you two can learn together like playing guitar, singing, learning a new dance form, painting, sketching and more.

These are the kind of fun things which will help you to learn new things as well as will give you enough time to spend together. And if you are not able to take some time out of the busy life, then there are tons of online courses to opt for. So, good luck with that!

8. Movie Marathon in the Weekends

Some of the most fun things to do with your partner are primarily comprised of the indoor activities only, and one of them is this movie marathon thing.

As a modern couple, it becomes impossible to take out some time for each other, and hence the relationship starts to lose its spark. But now you can bring it back by not going out and watching plenty of movies together.

One from his choice to one from her decision, in this way you both can enjoy something different. And while you have these crazy fun ideas by your side, it won’t be difficult to have fun just by hanging around in the house only.

Plan this movie marathon on the weekend and get ready with popcorns and stuff.

9. Netflix and Chill

There are some fun things to do with your partner which are not only fun but pleasurable too. If you know what I mean, then Netflix and Chill is an option every couple would love to try.

While you are done watching back to back movies, it is the time to watch some shows and go a bit naughty with each other.

I hope I do not need to explain the meaning of “Netflix and Chill” here. There is no harm in relying on technology for getting romantic. I mean come on, making out directly is so 90s now. Get yourself pumped up a bit and do not forget to maintain the decorum too.

I am sure you would not want to disappoint each other in this epic race!

10. Go Camping

If you are looking for some really fun things to do with your partner, then you should better try planning camping. If hiking is not your thing, the camping would probably be loved by you.

It is so much fun to be able to find a place cozy enough to spend the entire night at. Just gazing the stars and enjoying the natural beauty of a lake nearby.

You can light the bonfire and talk your heart out with each other. If you two think that this is going to get really dull this way, then ask other couples or maybe friends to join you two in it. When it comes to camping, more people will bring more fun.

And these fun things with your partner will give you a chance to get out of your house and finally embrace nature.

11. Try a Baking Session

No matter how much you two suck as cooking, you can always try baking something for each other. Well, of course, buying the ingredients is going to be boring but what is the fun without a little hard work?

These are the kind of fun things to do with your partner which is legit going to be “Yum” for you two, but god bless your kitchen after that.

You can find numerous baking recipes on YouTube channels or cooking books. There are plenty of recipes to try out too from simple to a bit of complex.

But eventually, when you two will bake some cookies together, it is all going to be worth doing (as long as you two do not burn down the kitchen).

12. Write Love Letters for Each Other

This might not be that much of the fun things to do with your partner, but in the time of WhatsApp and Facetime, it is going to be quite a refreshing experience.

You can rarely come across a couple in this time who write letters for each other. But you can break the rules and become one. You might not find it amusing at first, but as soon as you two will start writing, a lot of thoughts are going to come across your mind.

The key to figuring out that how to be a happy couple is behind these small activities which give you time to spend with each other.

Write a Love letter to each other every week or maybe every month and enjoy the perks of written masterpieces from each other.

13. Try a Gaming Night

The final pick I made for the list of fun things to do with your partner is to organize a gaming night for you two. Now, the options are versatile in it as you can either go for digital games or the actual ones.

Going by the trend, I think the former one would be a great idea as long as you have Xbox, PSP or some other console with you.

Moreover, there are some amazing two-player or multiplayer games available out there to play for you two. I am all guys would be excited about this and the girls would be a bit pissed, but I am sure it will turn out to be a huge fun activity for you two.

And if you are not up for the digital games, then you guys can try out some kinky games too.

Final Words

I am no counselor and can only suggest these fun things to do with your partner as some of the fundamental ways to break the monotony. But if nothing is working well in your relationship, then you should better go for some severe measures.

But till the time, try these things out and let me know in the comments that how it turned out for you?

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