Yoga to reconnect with oneself

Faced with the stress, distractions and solicitations related to our hectic urban lives, we forget to pay attention to the signals our body sends us (backache, chronic fatigue …) and which nevertheless affect our mental and our well-being. Yoga, good for the body and morale, helps us let go and reconciles us with our feelings.

Yoga against the ills of everyday life

Born in India, yoga developed in the West in the late 20th century as soft gymnastics including physical exercises (in the form of postures called asanas ) associated with breathing and relaxation techniques . His practice is suitable for both men and women and is suitable for all ages .

Deep muscle work (rather than volume) and stretching during a yoga class help fight back pain and joint pain. We also learn to adopt better positions for the body (like standing up straight for example). Prenatal yoga classes have even been introduced in recent years and are recommended for pregnant women as a method of childbirth preparation.

Balance body & spirit

When we perform a sequence of postures, we focus on the position of his body, his breathing and we are therefore in the moment in full consciousness of self . By refocusing on our feelings, we evacuate stress and anxiety and learn to meditate. More than a sports activity, yoga has a spiritual dimension . On the first UN World Yoga Day on June 21, Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi said:

“Yoga is more than physical exercise (…) We train the human spirit to open a new era of peace.”

In harmony with nature

Yoga can be practiced alone or with others, indoors and outdoors. While it is often easy to find a class in a gym, more and more yoga sessions are now organized in parks, in the mountains or at the seaside. These outdoor classes are often free or require only a modest financial contribution.

Yoga invites us to focus on our sensations and these are increased tenfold when we are in contact with nature. The cool breeze, the rays of the sun, the wind blowing in the branches of a tree or the waves on the shore permeate us and reinforce the vitalizing effect of yoga.

Towards a better lifestyle

When you practice yoga, you listen to your body. Consequently, we are less inclined to martyrise him. This usually results in healthier lives than average (balanced diet, little alcohol and tobacco …). We will note the appearance of sometimes crazy concepts such as yoga-beer in the United States which as the name suggests is to combine the practice of yoga to tasting beer at the end of the session.

Concerned to preserve his sanity also, we learn to relax, to relativize and not to be submerged by stressful situations often beyond our control, in short, we become zen and it feels good.