40+ Single Quotes for Guys

Do you ever come across those dreadful moments when you are at a loss for words because some nosy aunt or friend wanted to know the reason for your being single? If yes, here are some single quotes for guys that you can read to be ready with a witty remark the next time.

Whether it’s a well-wisher who’s always trying to counsel you or a bully who is always teasing you for being single, you can now handle the situation better with these single quotes for guys.

Single Quotes for Guys

One of the biggest challenges that you probably face as someone who is single is describing yourself. Saying that you are single without worrying that the person will assume that you are too dull to find a girl may be hard.

But, you now don’t have to worry anymore. Following are some happy single quotes that you can use to state that you are single and happy boldly.

  1. “A good guy is always single.”
  2. “I’m too young for marriage. I’m too old to play games. And I’m too smart to be with players.”
  3. “Everybody out there has a girlfriend. But for me? Well, I love food!”
  4. “Single and proud to be single.”
  5. “I’m free, happy and satisfied because I’m single.”

Long gone are the days when single and ready to mingle used to be popular. So, if you are single and in search of that special someone, there are a lot of single quotes for guys that you can use to show it.

Below are some single relationship quotes that are sure to help you create an impression of how romantic you are, whether it’s for an “about me” column on Facebook or a witty comeback to a woman you find interesting.

  1. “I’m single, but you know what? You’re perfectly welcome to get that changed!”
  2. “I’m single. So, I’m all ready to get nervous if you are attractive.”
  3. “I’m single. Do you want to change it? Then make sure you are awesome.”
  4. “Single. But you may have the key to my heart.”
  5. “Looking for that person who will stand by my side, won’t make me cry and accept me till I die.”

While you are satisfied with being single, it’s hard to ignore that annoying friend who is continuously convincing you to get a girlfriend or trying to help you find someone new.

Explaining that you are happy being single may not be enough to make him understand. So, the next time he comes to you, here are some single relationship quotes that you can state to let him realize that you are perfectly okay with being single.

  1. “Single isn’t just my status. It describes how strong I am to live without depending on another.”
  2. “Being single is not as lonely and bad as everyone is trying to portray it to be.”
  3. “I’m single, not because I do not have enough options, but by choice.”
  4. “I don’t have to be a part of a couple in order to be happy.”
  5. “If I’m single, it doesn’t mean I’m lonely. If I’m in a relationship, it doesn’t mean I’m happy.”

And what if the above is just not enough to convince them that you are happy to be single? What you need then are some happy single quotes for men that will finally make them see how glad you are to be alone and that you are just not interested in a relationship. The following are some single relationship quotes to help you here.

  1. “I realized I was happier being alone. I was tired of wishing I could be single. So, I jumped in.”
  2. “Sometimes I cry a few tears of joy on knowing how happy I am to be single.”
  3. “My status says I’m single. But, this doesn’t mean I am ready to mingle.”
  4. “Yes, I’m single. No, I’m not available.”
  5. “I am single, and it’s fun because I don’t have to worry about hiding who I really am.”

Are you single because you are waiting for the right person to come along? Now, not everyone may understand this. You are sure to have some well-wishers who are concerned about you. The following single quotes for guys are what you can use to convince them that everything will be okay.

  1. “I am single, but not forever. My love story is still being written by God.”
  2. “I am single, but I’m not alone. I’m just independent till I meet my equal.”
  3. “I’m single because I need time to decide how I want to live my life and who I want to live it with.”
  4. “The person I always dreamt of will show up at a time that I least expect it.”
  5. “I’m single, but no rush. If it’s meant to be, it will, at the right time, at the right place and for the right reason.”

All this being said, here are a few single quotes for guys that you may want to keep these things in mind in order to live a happier and better life as an individual. Read on to remind yourself of these things every day to make your life as a single more comfortable and more pleasant.

  1. “To be single is to get over the illusion that there is someone out there to complete you and start taking charge of your life.”
  2. “You may hope, pray and wish for love. But you may not put your life on hold just waiting for love.”
  3. “When at times it seems like there is no one else, just remember that there is one person who will never stop loving you, and that person is you.”
  4. “As a single, just focus on being a better you. Do not search for someone better than your ex. Remember that a better you will attract a better next.”
  5. “Till you find someone who makes it better not to be alone, stay single. Until then, it’s not worth it.”

Sometimes you may have just forgotten the joys of a single life and the amount of freedom you get to enjoy as someone who doesn’t have a girlfriend.

So, if you envy your best friend who goes on a date every weekend or miss the fun you had before your breakup, the following are a few happy single quotes that you can say to yourself to feel better.

  1. “Being single means always being there when I need me.”
  2. “Being single is like almost always being rich.”
  3. “I am single. I can go out and come in as I please and I can even stay out as late as I want to.”
  4. “If you’re single, you can live life on your own terms without having to apologize.”
  5. “I can sleep the fastest because I sleep alone.”

Sitting all alone in front of the television after a breakup can feel horrible. So, if you are going through a similar experience and have been browsing through single quotes for guys to console yourself, the following five quotes are just for you. Read on to feel better and start enjoying your single life.

  1. “If you want to find yourself all over again, the best way is to lose yourself in loneliness.”
  2. “Being solo is sometimes better than being in a bad relationship.”
  3. “Sometimes, you have to be alone if you want to enjoy the beauty of your journey.”
  4. “Being single is a blessing. You don’t have to be scared of being disappointed.”
  5. “Sometimes, if you need to prove that you can stand still, you must stand alone.”

Being single is fun, but there are always those unpleasant times when you have to book a lonely table for one or sit at the sidewalk and watch couples kissing beneath the mistletoe.

Yes, these are the times when it’s hard to tell yourself that you are single and happy with your single life. In such instances, the following are some single quotes for guys that are sure to remind you of the things you don’t miss as someone who is single:

  1. “I’m not single. I am in a relationship with fun, freedom, action, and adventure.”
  2. “The best part of being single is that I can sleep all over the bed, whether left, right or middle.”
  3. “While married men definitely live longer than single men, they are also a lot more willing to die.”
  4. “I’m single, which means I’m less stressed and drama free. I also refuse to settle for less.”
  5. “Being single is about freedom, flexibility, and improvisation. You don’t have to care about what the world thinks. If you want something, you can just go ahead and do it.”

Finally, all you need to do is try to live the fullest form of single and you won’t agree better with what it says about being single. So, if you are single, read on to see how this full form describes your life and smile.

  1. “Single- Stress Is Now Gone, Life’s Easier.”
  2. “Single- Strong, Independent, Naughty, Gleeful, Lively, Energetic”


Now that you are well-equipped with an entertaining set of single quotes for guys that you can use, you can flaunt your single life better. Use the above quotes to make showing the world how happy you are with being single much easier.

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