Single Life VS Relationship

Aren’t you planning to settle? Wouldn’t you like you to have a family of your own? Aren’t these some of the questions that we come across as singles? On the other hand, there may be our own set of questions that nag us. Is single life worth it? Or is a relationship worth it?

So, here are some points to elaborate single life vs relationship pros and cons. You can have a look at them to know what you want for yourself.

1. Dating

Dating stops almost as suddenly as you start living together. Gone will be the fun in trying to look your best for the other and feeling excited about what the evening holds for you.

Evenings as a married person or someone in a relationship is all about being in your pajamas and ordering food before you settle for a movie together.

While this may be easier and more comfortable, there sure will come a time when you will miss the thrill of going to the theater or the romance of a candlelight dinner.

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2. Grooming

Grooming almost stops as soon as you are in a relationship, well, okay, maybe a year after your being in a relationship. So, if you have been wondering why you should be in a relationship, this could be one of the reasons for you.

At least you don’t have to spend a precious Saturday afternoon getting your eyebrows plucked to perfection or your feet pedicured. But, things can be bad for you when you bang into your college enemy at the supermarket, and she looks immaculately groomed to the eyeballs, right?

So, if you have been pondering over single life vs relationship, remember that when you are single, you will be on your toes when it comes to your efforts to look good at all times. 

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3. Facebook

Facebook, when you are single, is all about stalking people and getting to see other couples living happily ever after, smiling together in their cover photos and sharing posts of how glad they are that they met each other. Sad? Let’s see what you are not going to miss.

When you are single, you are free to upload a photo without worrying about explaining anything to your partner. You can tag yourself with as many friends from the opposite sex. And you don’t have to worry about what your partner’s friends and family are going to think about your display picture.

Whatever it is, social media is always more fun and enjoyable when you are single. This is another thing to keep in mind when debating a single life vs relationship.

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4. Drama

“Why am I always the one to lock the gate every day” “You don’t ever understand me?” “Have you ever even acknowledged how much I do for you?” True, these little trifles every day can go a long way in making a relationship stronger as long as you don’t sleep over a fight.

But, if you take a look at it from the point of single life vs relationship, the former gets an extra point here. You can freely choose a nap at any time of day without worrying about whether your partner is going to sulk.

You can order from your favorite Chinese restaurant without him/her complaining that it is always your choice.

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5. Freedom

It’s nice to know that the other person cares when he/she wants you to dress well and not wear that outfit because it’s too short. It’s nice to know that he/she cares for your health and doesn’t approve of your bad habits.

This could be one of the pros of being in a relationship. But sometimes, this can feel like a cord tied around your neck where you long for some space to breathe.

So, if you have been thinking about single life vs relationship, here is another benefit for the former. Do you like a dress? You wear it. You want to spend the entire night out boozing with your friends; you do it.

6. Communication

Communication is another thing you have to make a note of when you are thinking about a single life vs relationship.

When you are in a relationship, your partner knows everything about you, even the fact that you robbed the bank or didn’t brush every evening. And you don’t care because your partner doesn’t mind.

A single life, on the other hand, may force you to apply filters to the things you want to share, unless you don’t care about whether or not the person is going to text you after tonight. But, let’s see it from the positive side. You get to enjoy your privacy and don’t owe every detail of your life to the other person.

7. Savings

A relationship can be expensive. You have outings to spend on, gifts to buy and a future to invest in. This means that you can’t just jump to buy that dress you saw displayed in the mall while you were window shopping.

On the other hand, if you are Single, you will find that your pocket money is only increasing. So, whether you want to join the most expensive gym or get yourself that insanely expensive pair of heels you saw online, you don’t have to think twice.

8. Friends

It’s a nice feeling when you see that your friends are happy for you and your newfound relationship. There is so much for sharing and showing off to them. But….

Have you ever come across a friend complaining that you hardly ever spend time with them ever since you found a boyfriend/girlfriend? Well, if you have been in a relationship, you can easily relate to this.

A single life gives you all your weekends or time spent after work to hang out with friends, share the latest gossip and pull each other’s legs. Don’t forget to add this in your list of benefits while considering single life vs relationship.

9. Time

It doesn’t matter whether you are living together or are a married couple with kids. At the end of the day, being in a relationship will always mean there is someone home waiting for you.

So, why should you be in a relationship? Because you always have your dear ones to go home to. This means no spinning your head on work or spending late evenings in the office to impress your boss after a goof up you did at work.

On the other hand, if you are single and had a bad day at work, you can spend the entire evening fixing your mistakes without worrying about your partner getting worried. Make sure that you pen down this point in your single life vs relationship table.

10. Impressions

Being in a relationship is almost like being a part of an extended family. You will have his parents to please, his friends to get to know, his colleagues to meet, his neighbors to deal with and so on.

While it’s nice to know that you now have so many people who care about you, you also have so many images to maintain according to the kind of people you have to face.

On the other hand, to be single is to be yourself all the time. You can lose your temper when you feel like or say what you want to. No one cares, which gives you another thing to think about in your single life vs relationship debate.

11. Solitude

Being in a relationship implies that you always have company. That means, you still have that one person to listen to you ranting on about your pathetic boss at the end of a bad day or narrate how that colleague you greatly relied on at work betrayed you.

But what about the times when you don’t want to explain why you are not in the mood for a game of scrabble together or a movie over a laptop?

Well, when you are single, you have no one to hide from. When you want to be alone, you can curl up in bed or cry under the shower with no one asking you what went wrong.

12. Self-Reliance

When you are in a relationship, you always have a helping hand. There is still someone to rely on, be it to do the dishes when you are frustrated at the end of the day or to help you carry your bags when you return from doing the groceries.

So, are you going to miss this as someone who is single? Well, perhaps yes, but let’s also see the great side of it.

Not having someone to do stuff for will also mean getting a chance to be stronger, independent and more self-reliant, whether it’s in running errands or dealing with a lousy boss.

13. Lingerie

Well, maybe this is a stupid one but still a must-add in this discussion of a single life vs relationship. No one cares what kind of lingerie you wear when you are in a relationship. You can be in granny pants or even worn out briefs for that matter and you will still be irresistible to your better half.

So splurging on expensive G-strings and sexy D-cups can be a waste of money when you have other more important expenses to take care of.

But lingerie shopping is always much more exciting when you are single. You can maintain a fascinating collection of thongs, low-cut bras, hosieries and so much more. And you will always have an occasion to experiment with each of them.

14. Bedtime

Another stupid point to add in your debate of single life vs relationship but here it goes. Bedtime for someone in a relationship means being held tight or having someone to hold tight and caress until you drift away to sleep.

Sounds romantic, right? What would you not give for a perfect way to end a day like this? Surely, you are going to miss this as someone who is single.

But let’s hear the bright side of it. Being single means sleeping alone, which means the whole bed is yours so you can relax; however you want, horizontal, diagonal or vertical. And you need not to worry about the chance of having someone snoring next to you in bed.

15. Struggle

Being in a relationship is fun but won’t last without your efforts to keep the connection alive. No matter how old or young your relationship is, there is always a chance of romance gone dry, trust that needs to be fixed or respect that needs to be won.

The good part is when you are single; you don’t have these things to worry about, which means more time to focus on work and more space for family and friends.

16. Love

When you are in a relationship you know you will always have that person to hold your hand, love you and care for you no matter whether you talk with a high pitch or have a bad habit of snoring in your sleep.

On the other hand, when you are single, you can always wake up with a hope of meeting your soulmate someday. You can always dream and wonder about what he/she is going to be like, whether he/she is tall, muscular, smart or sexy.

Singles are free to mingle, so until the right one comes along, you can always have fun with the variety out there, have myriad experiences and learn a lot to make life more fun and exciting.

Final Words

While being in a relationship is not a bed of roses; not being in one is not the end of the world. Either way, you can be sure of a life full of happiness, fun, and laughter. So, till you find that special someone who is also waiting to see you, enjoy your time alone, your freedom and your hassle-free life.

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