6 Relationship Blogs Which are Total Eye-Opener!

While elders and friends can provide a lot of relationship advice, nothing beats reading when it comes to making you wiser and smarter in your relationship. But alas, in today’s fast-paced world, no one has time, and hence relationship blogs come for rescue.

The following are some of the top blogs about relationship that you may want to consider.

1. The Gottman Relationship

The Gottman blog has articles for couples as well as parents. Thus, it includes almost everything from how to make a relationship last to how to stay connected with your teen.

The main mission of this blog is to reach out to families and help them maintain healthy relationships. Their commitment to research makes their understanding of relationships stronger and their blogs more useful.

Apart from articles, the Gottman Relationship also includes a range of workshops and training that professionals, as well as couples, can take.

Check out the blog – https://www.gottman.com/

2. Science of Relationships – Luvze

This blog has a stylish name by which it can be found on the search engine- Luvze. The neat arrangement and generous white space make this one of the most pleasant and easy-to-navigate relationship blogs.

The blog includes ideas on dating, in-depth articles that provide insights into relationships, blogs based on facts, listicles, etc. All of them tell you what to do and what not to do and so much more which you are going to love.

Apart from this, you have also had short reads, news about a relationship in pop culture, gifting ideas, quizzes, and fun infographics which make it one of the most fun blogs about relationship.

Check out the blog – https://www.luvze.com/

3. Love and Life Toolbox

This is one of the most intense relationship blogs with advice on almost anything in a relationship. Whether you are single or a couple having problems with maintaining a healthy relationship, this blog has a range of articles for you.

You have articles on maintaining happiness, dealing with difficult emotions and even things like trauma. Couples can read up on sections that deal with relationship problems, intimacy and sex.

Like the Gottman Relationship, this is another one of the relationship blogs that includes online courses which you can use to build a healthier relationship.

Check out the blog – https://loveandlifetoolbox.com/

4. Susie and Otto Collins

Are you looking for relationship blogs by certified coaches who have been featured in famous media outlets? Then “Susie and Otto Collins” is for you.

The pair have been coaching couples since 1999 and providing advice on how to deal with stress, conflict, misunderstandings and other challenges in a relationship.

Like the Science of Relationships, this blog too has a presentable look that makes it easy to navigate. The topics cover a wide range from how to make relationship fun to how to keep a relationship from dying.

Apart from articles, this blog too has a lot of coaching and other programs that you can make use of in order to strengthen your relationship.

Check out the blog – https://susieandotto.com/blog/

5. ibelieve

If you are looking for spiritual advice on how to handle a relationship, this is one of the best relationship blogs for you. ibelieve has daily verses and devotional articles that you can rely on to keep your relationship alive.

The articles in this blog are short and easy to read. Apart from faith and relationships, you also have articles on health, beauty, food, home, holidays and so much more that makes this one of the most fun relationship blogs.

Check out the blog – https://www.ibelieve.com/relationships/

6. Katarina Phang

Now, Katarina is said to be a man whisperer who gives you insights on guys. So this is one of the relationship blogs that women who want to save their relationships will love.

Her blog is based on success stories, daily testimonials, and other articles that you are going to love reading. With a splash of pink, this blog has an attractive layout that is especially pleasing for women.

Apart from understanding men, the blog also provides ideas on dating, how to be more feminine, sex and other inner things you need to work on to make a relationship stronger.

Check out the blog – https://katarinaphang.com/

Final Words

The above are just a few of the many relationship blogs that you can go to for advice on your relationship. Apart from this, you also have blogs like My Pixie Blog, Love in 90 Days, Relationships Reality and so much more that you can refer.

So, if you don’t have time to read an entire book, check out these blogs for all the advice you need in your relationship.

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