Offbeat Career Options Every Millennial Would Love to Consider

The path of offbeat career options is definitely risky but worth taking. It is high time that people specifically millennials should know about the better career options than ever.

It is not just about making money but making a name too. And after all, one should do what their heart says. So, let’s talk about the various offbeat careers which are getting super popular in this era of digitalization.

15 Best Offbeat Career Options

There is definitely a long list for the offbeat career options but let me shortlist the 15 most popular out of them. The rules are changing and so are the people breaking these rules. If you want to do something different yet interesting in life, go through this list given below.

15. Event Management

One of the hottest selling offbeat careers after 12th is Event Management and it is just perfect if you have a thing or two for managing jobs.

If you have decided to get into the Event Management sector right after your high school education, then it is just the perfect plan for you. You need to get yourself into an event management school and learn to polish your skills.

If you want to pursue such offbeat career options without any necessary education, then all you need is some contacts. Start targeting high profile people and get in touch with those who are pro in this industry. Do some free internships and discover new about this sector.

I am sure you would be able to know a lot of event management from a closer view then. You can also start a business of your own too.

14. Adventure Tour Operator

It is the time to take your passion of backpacking to just another level with this really excellent as well as unique job idea. You can be an adventure tour operator, and it is going to be so much fun too.

Choosing offbeat career options are definitely not an easy task but what if you have the real love for what you do?

You can get started by joining a relevant company first. Starting from an Adventure tour guide to becoming an owner of one such company would be a great deal for you.

And you know what? It is way better to risk your life to something you love rather than confining it in a cubicle every single day. And just think about the experience you will get from it.

13. Radio Jockey

The concept of being a Radio Jockey has changed a lot throughout these years, and it has become way more fun too. Gone are the days when being an RJ was only about playing songs.

Now Radio Jockeys are not restricted behind just a mic but having an identity of their own too. And if you have the zeal to entertain others, then such offbeat career options are totally tailor-made for you.

If you want something more free-flowing, then you can also be a podcaster too. The idea is to not appear much on camera but do the magic with your voice only. Of course, things are going to take a while to settle down for you, but the process is going to be really fun.

And it is truly exceptional to have a voice and opinion which can influence people.

12. Image Consultant

Before you even set your mind to become an image consultant, let’s get your facts clear about this job.

An Image Consultant is someone who guides people to present themselves in a certain way. It can be something related to personality development or to improve their way of talking and living too.

These are the kind of offbeat career options which are slowly making their way towards the mainstream market. Interestingly, they are being celebrated too.

There are some professional courses available on this kind of career, but you really need to set your mind for it. Success is not going to be easy with such options, but it is a job worth considering instead of those regular ones.

11. Photographer

A very mainstream and popular career option that one can go for is Photography. You must have come across thousands of people who would just buy a professional camera and start calling them a photographer.

To pursue such kind of offbeat career options, you need right kind of passion and of course some serious skills too.

Learning photography alone is not enough but to get your hands on editing, retouching and influencing people is also necessary. The market for photography is quite broad and there are a lot of bifurcations too like modeling photography, branding, wildlife photography and many more.

Keep the learning curve in this profession high because it is quite vulnerable to even minute changes.

10. Ethical Hacker

Being an Ethical Hacker is definitely not a piece of cake. Things we are shown in the movies where someone would type for a few minutes and would hack a system. The reality is entirely different from it.

Of course, it is one of the most widely acclaimed offbeat career options. But nothing comes that easy these days.

The systems have become much protected, and the competition is growing like crazy. Amidst this, if you still have a thing for hacking then find online courses available on it. And do not use your skills for doing unethical works as it can lead you to some severe troubles.

9. Bartender

A bartender is still a path less traveled for many, and you are going to come across very few people who want to make it big as a bartender.

Some would find it as an option to make little money while continuing their studies. While some would reject such offbeat career options straight away. But is it worth doing?

The answer is a big YES. You have no idea how exciting the job is and how fun it is to play with the drinks. You are going to be at the most happening place of the town most of your day, and you will get to chitchat with some really amazing people too.

Definitely worth trying from my side!

8. Writer

I just really don’t understand that why people underestimate the profession of writing this much?

I mean, this is definitely one of the most sought-after creative career options ever. But people are actually not so open about it yet. Some really awesome people made it big as a writer, but things have completely changed since then.

Digitalization has entered the market and eBooks are overpowering now. But you can still choose such kind of offbeat career options if you strongly feel about your skills of writing.

There are tons of sub-categories in writing, and you are going to be really mesmerized with the endless opportunities in this world!

7. Fitness Trainer

Getting into the fitness has become a rage these days. In fact, people actually find excuses to get into shape.

Broke up? Get fit.

Want to hook up? Get fit.

Want to become an influencer? Get fit.

I mean the excuses the endless and you need to get to the other side of this industry. The idea of becoming a fitness trainer is not bad at all. In fact, it is one of the most profitable offbeat career options too.

Seeing the trends, you won’t get disappointed. Talking about becoming a celebrity fitness trainer, you can actually make great money out of it.

But for that, you need to get into the shape first! There are great courses available for the same too. And if you are able to bring a really massive change into this industry, then you can actually ace the fitness game too.

6. Disc Jockey

I don’t know why the profession of a Disc Jockey is so underrated? I mean, it is definitely one of the most happening things out there, and the opportunities are great too.

But as I say, every other offbeat career options come with its own limitations and challenges. The same applies to the career of becoming a Disc Jockey too.

Just playing some random groovy beats would not be enough. You need to learn mixing, editing and much more to really get into the business. What I would suggest is to go through an excellent music editing course first.

Then get into this business of being a DJ, and you can start by joining a local club easily. To be true, the job is definitely quite interesting.

5. Baker

Being a professional baker is not just one of the most unusual jobs but very demanding too. Having a keen passion for culinary and baking is really important to make it big as a fulltime baker.

There are definitely some fantastic people in this industry, but the market is still lacking great competition. So, this is the time to start your journey as a baker and create some really unique and great recipes.

These are the kind of offbeat career options which has their own perks. You can also combine them various other businesses too like writing a recipe book, becoming an influencer on social media, opening a grand bakery of your own or merely becoming a celebrity chef.

Amongst these endless opportunities, you have to emerge as unbeaten solely by your hard work and passion towards it.

4. Social Media Influencer

And the next pick into this list of offbeat career options is to become a Social Media Influencer. Well, some people would say that is it even a thing?

Well, Yes!

However, every other person on Instagram and Facebook claims to be a social media influencer these days. But the reality is way different than that.

Getting fake followers, posting morphed pictures of adventures are some of the most common tactics into this market. But you must stay away from such kind of strategies. As eventually, you are going to lose it all.

You can use Instagram as the ultimate tool of being a Social Media Influencer. Get along with brands, do some free works, collaborate with people and build a community of your own.

3. Blogger

Let me tell you already that being a blogger is entirely different from being a social media influencer. Well, the latter one can be a part of this vast business, but it is seriously something way different than that.

Blogging has emerged out of the blue as one of the most popular offbeat career options. Being a blogger, I can proudly say that too!

Of course, you need to put in a lot of hard work and research to stand somewhere into this business. It is going to be really quite struggling initially, but the perks are just endless afterward.

You need to start by picking a niche and share your thoughts on its various topics. If you follow it correctly, it can be a really profitable career option for you.

2. Standup Comedian

There are literally vast options of videos available on YouTube where you will find a guy/girl going doing standup comic and literally owning his profession. This the power of offbeat career choices as they are solely related to what you really want to do.

If you have it in you to make people laugh for an entire hour, then you can also become a standup comic. In fact, you can start this journey as an independent artist too.

The scale of offbeat career options are growing, and so are the challenges related to it. People are not going to laugh at the same joke twice.

But eventually, you are going to love your job for making people laugh in this harsh world.

1. YouTuber

The trendiest and definitely winner of this list of offbeat career options is being a YouTuber. You can find even a kid being a YouTuber these days and also they are earning out of this excellent video hosting website.

But before you decide to rush into it, let me tell you that it is not going to be an easy task. The competition has grown like wildfire, and you need to come up with something unique to stand out of the crowd.

Get your homework done like niche, ideas and more and then launch a YouTube channel of your own. Be more open to collaborations and experiments and create content which can actually entertain people.

Final Words

I am not saying that you will get success in these offbeat career options. But one thing which I am sure about is that they give you superb creative liberty which is missing from the regular 9 to 5 jobs. If you do to want to be the part of the crowd, believe in what you really love and pursue it as a career choice.

Things might not be that successful but definitely will be a lot happier for you.

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