Approach Towards Healthy Relationship

They say nothing in life is achieved without hard work and effort, not even the long term relationship that you dream of. While little strifes and trifles are a part of every relationship, you need to be wary of the things that can play a role in spoiling your relationship.

Hence, here is a short list of Things to Do and things not to do if you want to be in a healthy relationship. Let’s begin with the five things you should do for a healthy relationship.

1. Communicate Effectively

Communication is one of the first rules that you have to keep in mind if you want to know how to build a healthy relationship. One of the biggest mistakes that a lot of us make in a relationship is expecting our partners to read our minds and understand our needs.

However, expressing your feelings in the right way is also very important. Couples in a healthy relationship are mindful of how they talk to each other, even in an argument.

Speaking of arguments, this is very important for a healthy relationship approach. Bottling up your feelings should be avoided if you want to know how to build a healthy relationship.

When you communicate, also remember to listen to your partner and understand his perspective. Respecting your partner’s feelings and appreciating him at times will keep him from feeling unwanted and taken for granted.

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2. Support Each Other

In a relationship, it is essential to support your partner, not just during a crisis but during other times as well. Know more about his work, get to know his family, take an interest in his hobbies and listen to his feelings. Yes, supporting each other is one of the most common Good Relationship Tips for couples.

One of the first steps towards supporting your partner is being a good listener. Do not be quick to interrupt, judge or criticize when your partner is sharing something with you. Instead, listen with an empathetic ear and show encouragement wherever you can.

And finally, remember that you may always come across times when your partner takes his stress out on you. Being more understanding in such situations is something you need to learn if you want to know how to build a healthy relationship.

3. Respect Your Partner’s Space

Couples who know how to build a healthy relationship pay a lot of importance to each other’s space. Not having enough space can lead to bitterness in the relationship.

Not everything has to be done together when you are in a relationship. Space is one of the many tips for a healthy relationship. It is okay to have separate interests. So, if your partner likes fishing and you like shopping, don’t hesitate to go different ways.

Giving enough space will not only help you preserve your individuality but also increase your love for each other. You get good time off to forget the little things about your partner that bugs you and vice versa.

And eventually, nothing can beat the excitement of seeing each other after some hours of staying away and hearing about each other’s day.

4. Compromise in a Relationship

Reading on some of the healthy relationship tips for couples, you are sure to come across the importance of compromising. No, you cannot afford to neglect the act of compromising if you want to know how to build a healthy relationship.

Remember that compromising is different from sacrificing. To sacrifice for your partner is to do all the heavy lifting and give up the things that are important to you. Compromise is actually when both parties come together to do something to solve the problem.

So, when you compromise, do keep in mind how much you compromise and ensure that it is not always you who does the compromising in the relationship. Ensure that both of you are giving up on something or extending oneself for the benefit of the relationship.

5. Respect Your Partner

Never underestimate the importance of respect if you want to learn how to build a healthy relationship. Honor also goes a long way in building trust in a relationship.

Respect is about accepting your partner with all his flaws and weaknesses and acknowledging his capabilities and limitations. Respect is also about how you treat your partner, even during an argument. Be mindful of what you say and go easy on the insults and criticism.

While it is essential to respect your partner, it is also imperative to ensure that you get respect in a relationship. Respect is when neither partner has authority over the other. Instead, each partner has the freedom to live his or her own life while at the same time sharing some aspects of this life with each other.

What Not to Do in a Healthy Relationship

Now that you know the things that you should do to save your relationship. Let’s move on to have a look at what you should not be doing in your relationship.

1. Do Not Try to Control Your Partner

Sometimes, a lot of us tend to become a control freak in a relationship without even knowing it. However, acknowledging this fact is one of the first steps to learn how to build a healthy relationship amongst the debate of Single Life vs Relationship.

Are you the kind that always picks out the restaurant that you need to go to? Do you often tell him how things should be done? If yes, perhaps you need to stop. Remember that a healthy relationship is based on mutual respect.

One way of changing this is by changing orders into suggestions. So, instead of stating that this is the place you want to go for dinner, what you can do is say this is what you would like and ask him how he feels about it.

2. Don’t Make Your Partner Feel Insecure

Building your partner’s trust is not just about being honest and not cheating your partner. Insecurity in a relationship can arise from a lot of factors that you should avoid as someone learning how to build a healthy relationship.

While talking to the opposite sex is okay, you also need to know where to keep your boundaries. No such thing as innocent flirting is acceptable when you are in a relationship. If you respect your partner, you will not put him in a position where he has to worry about someone scooping you up.

How you dress, also matters. So, unless you are dressed for your partner, be aware of what you wear, so you don’t give a reason to your partner for doubt.

3. Do Not Hold Grudges

Holding grudges is one of the most immature things that have to be avoided as someone who wants to know how to build a healthy relationship. Learning how to forgive and forget is one of the most important qualities that you need to cultivate here.

Another major mistake that most couples make is bringing back the past, whether it is to prove a point or win a heated argument. However, this can keep your relationship from moving forward and will only make your partner feel resentful.

Finally, backbiting about something that your partner did and you are hurt about can go a long way in destroying your relationship. Instead, share your feelings with your partner and argue about it if need be. This will help you forgive and forget the situation.

4. Do Not Get Jealous

A good relationship is about trusting your partner at all times. Of course, there are times when insecurity may creep in. But learning to fight it is very important if you want to know how to build a healthy relationship.

One of the most important things that you need to keep in mind here is that trust is the cornerstone of every relationship. Doubting your partner at all times can go a long way in making him feel insulted and unworthy. Questioning him for everything can have a destructive effect on your relationship.

One of the best ways to cop-up with this is to stop letting your imagination run wild. So, if your partner says he is going to be home late because of work that needs to be completed, it would do both of you a world of good if you just believed him.

5. Don’t Expect Too Much

Are you often preoccupied with the thought of whether your partner is good enough for you? Are you obsessed with your partner’s faults?

If you are, you can be sure that your relationship is going down the path of doom. So, if you want to know how to build a healthy relationship, stop this today.

So, how do you stop this? Step one here is to realize that nobody is perfect, and your partner is not perfect either. Step two is learning to be independent. Depending on your partner too much can put you at risk of having your feelings hurt.

Finally, remember that while expecting a few things from your relationship is natural, it is vital to know where you are crossing the line and avoid it at all costs.

Healthy Relationship Approach for Long Distance Relationships

Long distance relationships can be fraught with worries because, as the name suggests, of the distance involved. However, this does not mean that there can be no way to work it out. So, if you are someone who wants to know how to build a healthy relationship with your partner who is far away, the following are a few tips for you.

1. Communication

Well, this doesn’t need mention, but even then it’s too important to not put in the list. Knowing how to build a healthy relationship with your partner who is far away is not just about communicating often. It is also about knowing how much and how creatively to express.

While a ‘good morning’ and a ‘good night’ is a must every day, updating each other on your life and happenings on a timely basis is also very important. Apart from this, romantic text messages, sweet audio clips, and peppy videos can add to the fun and feeling of intimacy.

Sexy puns and teasing texts are a good way of keeping your flames for each other burning even when you are far away.

2. Have Fun Together

Staying far away does not mean that you cannot do things together and have fun. The following are a few ways to show you how to build a healthy relationship with your partner even from a long distance.

Keeping track of each other’s social media activities will not just help you to know what is going on in each other’s lives but also let you have fun together. Liking each other’s photos, tagging each other and sharing posts on each other’s walls can be a neat way of keeping the relationship alive.

Surprising each other with visits and gifts is another important way of investing in a long term relationship. While the former may not always possible, the latter is a good way of showing your partner how much you care.

Playing online games together, watching movies on YouTube at the same time, going online shopping along to buy each other gifts and performing before each other on Skype are a few different ways to keep the relationship lively and kicking.

3. Understand Your Partner’s Life

Understanding is the first steps to know how to build a relationship with your partner who is far away. One of the most important rules here is to understand your partner’s schedule. This can go a long way in preventing misunderstandings and helping support each other.

The next important thing here is to stay honest with each other. Hiding from each other can contribute to a lot of insecurity which can go a long way in causing misunderstandings.

Understanding your partner’s needs is another important aspect of maintaining a long distance relationship. So, if there is something that he doesn’t want you to do, it is best to avoid it to stay away from mistrust.

And finally, keeping each other updated about the goings on in your life can go a long way in preventing miscommunication. So, if you have friends that you frequently go out with, ensure that he knows it.

While maintaining a healthy relationship with your partner can go a long way in making your bond stronger, you also have other meaningful relationships in life to preserve, like family, friendship and so on.

Tips for Maintaining Healthy Relationship at Work

Building a healthy relationship at work is very important if you want to live a peaceful life and have a smooth flow at work. That being said, the following are a few things that you must keep in mind if you want to know how to build a healthy relationship at work.

1. Manage Your Emotions

Workplaces can be fraught with targets, deadlines, and expectations to meet, and there is always scope for things going wrong at work. But the idea here is knowing how to manage your emotions, not just with your boss and higher-ups but with your colleagues and subordinates too.

Criticisms and nasty comments can only lead you to lose a relationship at your workplace, which can play an essential role in preventing you from reaching success. Slowing down your breathing or counting to ten are some practical ways of calming yourself down and keeping such incidents from taking place.

2. Keep the Communication Open

This can especially happen due to fear of what a higher-up will say. However, hiding bits of information at work can go a long way in promoting distrust and resentment. This, in turn, can destroy a healthy relationship at work.

Having open and honest communication with all higher-ups and colleagues will create an impression of how authentic and dependable you are. Having colleagues who trust you will play an essential role in getting all the help and support you need at work.

So, always remember that if someone has to learn something about you at work, it should be from you and not from an email or in a staff meeting. So, whether it’s about an unfinished task or an answer that you don’t know, ensure that you are open and honest about it.

3. Lift-up Your Colleagues

Blame game is one of the most important things that have to be avoided at work. Sadly, this is a common problem found at work. Not taking charge of your faults and spoiling the image of your colleagues is one of the fastest ways of losing relationships at work.

On the other hand, being responsible for the excellent image of your colleagues can play a significant role in building a relationship and giving you more friends at work. So, if there was an idea that a colleague shared with you and you loved, ensure that your co-worker gets his due credit for it.

Managing relationships can go a long way in making your life happier and more comfortable to live, be it a relationship with your boyfriend, your boss or your colleagues at work. Being sensitive to the needs of others is what you need to keep in mind to make this happen.

So, now that you know what the things you should do and the things you shouldn’t care, here’s hoping that you enjoy a better relationship be it at work or with your partner.

Final Words

So, this was all about maintaining healthy relationship approach at various moments in your life. Whether it is your personal life or professional you must learn to keep your ego aside and put your best to get things work. I really hope that it turn out to be beneficial for you all.

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