Annoying Things Desi Newly Married Couples are Tired of Hearing

Relatives got no chill when a desi couple gets married. Aunties are literally going to pounce over the bride for what she is wearing, how is she talking or even how the hell she eats. I mean, life is a struggle for not only girls but guys too who just got married.

So, let’s put it all together in this post. These are the most annoying things and questions that a desi newly married couples are literally tired of hearing. Make sure you don’t ask them the same!

1. For Honeymoon, You Guys are Going Abroad na?


I mean what do you want people? Why do you want everyone to go to Maldives or London only? India too have some of the most beautiful places and what if they want to go to Kashmir? Desi people have no shame in already deciding the honeymoon destination for the couple whether they want to go abroad or not.

2. What Kind of Gifts did You Guys Get?


Who the hell asks a newly wedded couple that what kind of presents they got in their wedding? I mean even they haven’t checked them out yet and you people are bombarding them with questions like that. Don’t do that people, this is so annoying.

3. When You Two are Sharing the “Good News”?


This is definitely the most common question that people ask from a newly wedded couple. The moment these guys will be back from their honeymoon, everyone especially the aunties are going to ask them about the so-called “Good News”. Let them breathe aunties!

4. Resuming Office, too Soon!


Girls are not the only one who gets troubled with such questions just after the wedding. Even guys too asked about it. This is office people, not some boring family function you can get rid of.

5. Don’t You Guys Call Each Other With Nick Names?


Calling each other with mushy nicknames is so 90s. And if they guys do, why would they tell you. Indian people seriously need to stop making others uncomfortable.

6. How Was the First Night?


After this whole “Good News” drama, a newly wedded couple is asked this questions shamelessly countless times until the bride’s cheeks become naturally pink out of blushing. There should be a lecture about the whole privacy thing for Indian people.

7. Do Your Mom-in-Law Troubles You?


Now, this one is surely a thing of bride’s side relatives when she goes back home for “Pag-Phera”. Aunty Ji, even if she does, how is that important for you?

8. Waking up, So Late!


This one is for our newly wedded bride who just shifted to someone else’s house after living with her parents for at least 25 years. And with non-stop rituals and sleep-deprived eyes, you want her to wake up at 5 and get ready. Why do people never say that to a guy?

9. Aren’t You Leaving Your Job?


Again, this one is for the bride only. Why do people want her to leave her job and become a Sanskari Bahu instead? I mean this is what makes you Sanskari enough. But what about the sky-high prices of the basic amenities? I think relatives should better give an allowance for that one before commenting on anything.

10. What About Changing Your Surname?


Now, according to the Indian culture, a girl should definitely change her surname. And not on marriage certificate only but on social media, bank accounts and a list of other documents. Do people even realize how much of a trouble is it for a girl to get all her documents renewed just after she gets married?

11. I Didn’t See Any Pictures of You Two on Social Media


One of the most common myth that people still believe in is that when a couple flaunts their lovey-dovey pictures on social media, it guarantees their love for each other. Someone, please do a reality check here.

12. Do You Still Talk to Your Male/Female Friends?


One of the most common answers that cousins and close pals of both the guy and the girl ask is that whether they talk to their male/female friends yet or not. I don’t even want to explain this one because seriously Indian society got no chill.

13. You Should Change that Tone Now


Why do a couple should start talking in an entirely different or I should say FAKE tone after getting married? I mean, changing the marital status wasn’t enough so now all this drama?

14. Are You Going to Dress Up Like that?


According to Indian aunties and all other relatives, a girl should stop wearing skirts, shorts, revealing dresses and everything else that she likes and start wearing traditional Indian wear only. So, basically a saree revealing your waist is a better way to dress up than jeans and tops revealing literally nothing.

Logic = Destroyed!

15. Get Responsible, You Two!


So, two full-grown adults have decided to marry consensually and after all these people want them to get responsible. I can never understand the meaning of Indian Responsibility in a gazillion years for sure.

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