A Guide for Procrastination Meaning and More About It

Due to the lack of information sometimes we do not even know procrastination meaning and how all of us have become a part of this habit. In simple words, procrastination is all about avoiding a task or delaying it which must be accomplished in a certain time period. Well, sounds quite basic but this problem has become quite large-scaled and hence we really need to talk about it.

This section is going to let you know about some of the most basic things about procrastination meaning and more about it. You really need to know about this problem before working on it.

Things to Know About Procrastination

You just cannot confine the Procrastination definition into certain criteria as the problem is much bigger and more psychological than that. Sometimes we do not even realize it but till this time we have become a serial procrastinator. This can actually affect the quality of our work and hence it is must to know these things about procrastination meaning given below –

1. Procrastination Actually Brings Physical Pain

Okay, this may not sound real but it is an undeniable fact regarding procrastination meaning that the one suffering from it actually feels pain. This can be put together in this way that people generally procrastinate the things they feel most uncomfortable about.

In fact, just thinking about them can make them feel badly hurt or worried which can even lead to physical pain like a severe headache or more. For example, a person who hates physics would start feeling highly uncomfortable just thinking about studying it and hence as a result tend to delay the task to avoid this pain. The worst part of all, they do not even realize how harmful it is for their mental health.

2.      Technology can be Responsible for It

For some reasons, technology can be related to the theory of procrastination definition. This is definitely a battle of your subconscious mind between right and wrong but you always seem to be choosing the wrong as it is a more convenient and simpler option to go for.

All thanks to technology, choosing the wrong is even more fun too. Games, videos, social media are a better option to choose rather than doing what is needed to be done.

Hence, it simplifies the procrastination meaning that it has become quite easy for humans to delay their important work and rather play of Clash of Clans. To be true, at some point in time even you would have done it too.

3. Most People do not even Realize About it

This is a fact related to procrastination meaning that most people do not even know that they are suffering from this issue until someone else talk about it. Or it is also possible that they remain a serial procrastinator till their entire life. Scary, isn’t it?

From delaying office work till the deadlines to watching one more episode instead of house chores are typical examples of procrastination.

What is even more thought-provoking is that people do not even want to accept their habit of procrastination or even work on it. They are ready to suffer but not want to give up on it that easy.

4. People are Not Born with It

This is something related to the process of overcoming procrastination that everyone should know about it. Nobody is born with Procrastination and hence it is something which can be overcome easily.

However, a person must be willing to do so. Generally, procrastination is developed because of what we learn at home. It can be possible that some of your family members have this habit and hence you learned it from them.

What is even striking about the procrastination meaning is that parenting can be a strong factor behind this habit of a person. We tend to believe that whatever we have learned from our parents is right and hence we start following it blindly. This can be a big reason that a person sticks by procrastination for his entire life.

5. It is More Psychological than Physical

This is a proven fact that a person is more sensitive towards mental pain rather than physical pain and the whole concept of procrastination meaning affects a person in the same manner. There is no denying to the fact that procrastinators feel physical pain and hence they delay a task but the process starts from their mental decision making powers.

It can be described in terms of the concept of optimism and pessimism. No matter how difficult a task is, if a person is optimistic enough to do it, he is going to complete it in a given time or at least he will try to attempt it.

However, the situation is entirely opposite with pessimistic people. They generate a feeling of fear for that task and hence come up with ideas to delay it and hence becomes procrastinators unknowingly.

6. Procrastinators Tend to Lie to Themselves

Procrastinators keep on lying to themselves and tricks their subconscious mind into comforting and believing that they will do a certain task after some time. But in reality, the time never comes!

The most common procrastination examples can be found in your day to day life. For example, when your mom asks you to clean your room, you keep on comforting yourself that you will do it by the end of the day and then tomorrow and then the pattern keeps on repeating.

People generally relate procrastination meaning to bigger problems in life but in reality, it can be associated even with the most common and simpler things too.

7. Distraction is their Weapon

Distraction is something which might not be the reason behind the birth of procrastination but it is surely a reason behind its strengthening. The deep procrastination meaning takes us to the role of technology in it and how a procrastinator finds a number of reasons to use it as a strong distraction.

The kind of distractions that they generally go for is checking e-mails, surfing the net, listening to music, taking a walk or maybe watching an episode of their favorite show.

In fact, sometimes they can even come up with something so peculiar like eating as a distraction just to get rid of the task they do not want to do right now. It might sound so normal but it can also lead to so many other health issues too.

8. This is not about Time Management

This one is a common stigma attached to people that procrastination meaning is somewhat related to time management but in reality, it is a total lie. In reality, procrastinators are capable of managing their time as nicely as other people do and sometimes even better.

The major issue lies in the fact that they just fear from the task they find difficult to perform and hence their entire psychological system refuses to believe that they can do it.

Procrastinators generally feel ashamed of not doing a task and then distract themselves with something else to get over with this shame. This behavioral pattern starts to take over their lives and they become serial procrastinator at the end.

9. Procrastinators can be Alcoholic

This condition is mostly seen as a reverse problem. Most alcoholics are seen as a serial procrastinator because of the problem of self-control and self-regulation. The procrastination meaning is a long theory and when related to alcoholism, it works both ways.

Most procrastinators are alcoholics and the same works vice versa. It is something which definitely leads to so many different issues related to their mental as well as physical health.

There can be two reasons for developing this habit in procrastinators. First one is to find a distraction from their task and the second one is related to their lack of self-control and discipline in life. If not controlled on right time, it can lead to some severe issues in life including self-abuse too.

10. Multiple Reasons can be Responsible for Procrastination

Apparently fearing from a task or feeling uncomfortable about it are not the only reasons for procrastination. The idea of procrastination meaning is related to so many different types of reasons which are actually quite shocking.

Some people procrastinate their work just for the thrill to do it on the last moment. This adds a feeling of adventure in their life and it can be seen in many people.

Another reason is related to the lack of timely decision making of a person. While many people delay their work out of feat, some of them cannot take a sound decision on time and hence they unknowingly keep on delaying their work without even realizing it.

Final Words

Well, of course, you just cannot understand procrastination meaningfully or work on it in some days because the problem belongs to your psychological aspect. If you really want to work on it then you must be strong-willed for it otherwise you will end up delaying the process of working on it too.